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Buon Vino

Buon Vino is an importer, retailer, wholesaler and passionate lover of high quality naturally produced wines from all over the world. We have a shop just outside Settle in the Yorkshire Dales and sell wines to restaurants across the North West.

At Buon Vino, we are looking for authentic wine, wholesome and healthy wine with a sense of the ground and the vine’s natural environment, wine expressing the real taste of the grape and above all wine of exceptional quality.

After over ten years trading and a lot of experience gained, (not least drinking experience), we know how to find the most delicious Natural, Organic and Biodynamic wines and bring them to you at the best price.

Great wine is not about points, medals and well known appellations. Great wine is not about big companies and lofty reputations. Great wine is about emotion, when you drink it, you feel something unique and special and you want to know more; more about the wine, the life of the producer, the place that it comes from. That is what we are looking for, come with us on our natural wine journey. Cin Cin.

This is how to understand that agriculture can become an art again, the art of knowing how to comprehend and advisedly use the forces that give life to the Earth. This is above all the door that has been opened by biodynamics. And it is for this reason that it has developed so broadly, especially in viticulture, because it touches a passionate customer that is ever more sensitive to the truth of taste

Nicolas Joly – Coulee de Serrant

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