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Raisins Gaulois

Raisins Gaulois Gamay 2022 - £17.95

When we first starting talking about natural wine back in 2009, Raisin Gaulois Gamay from the Lapierre Domain was one of the few wines which got people's attention.  (Back in those days, there was a lot of scepticism you know.)  The vibrancy and clean red fruits of this wine have always shone through.  The almost unnoticeable tannins are also a key element of the wine's charm.  It is juicy and easy without being fruit juice.  The wine is dry but the balance is excellent so you just want to drink more, no cloying sweet Gamay here.  It also goes with practically any food and served chilled, can be drunk from a tumbler in the summertime.

It is no surprise that this little natural red has become something of an iconic wine (the label does help) when you look at the parentage.  Raisins Gaulois comes from the Lapierre estate, brought to prominence in the 1970's by Marcel Lapierre, the Godfather of Morgon and one of the very first natural wine makers.  (Read a little more about the history of Domain Lapierre)

- Natural Born Rioja -

Olivier Riviere

When I met him in the Loire some years back and tasted the wines I asked if he used any American oak. He looked at me as if I was mad, (so did the group of Michelin Star Sommeliers tasting along side me), but at the time, that's what I thought all Rioja producers used.  Olivier was no ordinary Rioja producer.  Firstly he is French and his wines shine through the murky waters of heavy oak use and over extraction like a ray of Spanish sunshine. 

Olivier Riviere is a Native of Cognac and studied oenology in Montagne St-Emilion (Bordeaux region) and then worked at several wine estates before settling in Spain. Olivier first worked with Elian Da Ros in Marmandais, then at Domaine Leroy where his main interest was to learn about their biodynamic methods. Finally, he went on to Domaine de Chassorney to see how beautiful non-interventionist wines were made. With little money to get his own venture started, he bought a tiny 1 hectare vineyard in Arlanza.......      (Read a little more about Olivier Riviere)

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