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Zero Added Sulphite[ Vegan
Bellotti Bianco Cortese - Buon Vino Natural Wines
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Bellotti Bianco degli Ulivi Semplicamente Vino Triple A 2019

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One Line Description Bellotti Bianco Cortese, Biodynamic wine, no added sulphur, wild, fresh. alive and just a little bit funky!
Production Method Natural, Organic, Biodynamic
Country Italy Italian
Region Piemonte, Italy
Producer Stefano Bellotti
Vintage 2019
Wine Type Dry White Wine
Wine Style Light bodied
Grape Blend Cortese
Alcohol 11.5% abv
Terroir Region Tassarolo, clay soil
Total Sulphur Level 10 mg/l
Maturation In acacia wood tanks
Annual Production 5 - 10,000 bottles
Production Detail Biodynamic, no intervention in wine making, natural ferment, no added sulphur or filtration
Natural Features Low Sulphite (Sulphur), Zero Added Sulphites (Sulphur), Vegan, Hazy, Unfined, Funky Aromas, Unfiltered


Bellotti Bianco, Biodynamic wine, no added sulphur, Cortese, wild, alive and a little funky! Bellotti Bianco is Cortese that tastes like a Jura wine that has gone to Italy and been naturalised. This was supposed to be Gavi but thanks to the ludicrous nature of the appellation system, it was always just Bellotti Bianco so they do't have to worry about the name. As a totally non-interventionist natural wine, it does change with the vintage and the seasons, (try it on a fruit day, it may be very different from a root day!) but its essence and natural vibrancy are always there!

Stefano Bellotti began as an eighteen year old in 1977, reclaiming the family farm where there was less than 1 hectare of vineyard in existing use. He began working organically from the beginning, and introduced biodynamic methods in 1984. The wines of Degli Ulivi are pure and natural, made without manipulation. Their belief is that the art of wine making is to accompany the wine through its natural transformation process. In addition to grape growing, the estate has a diversified production of fruits, vegetables and cereals, and keeps a variety of farm animals. This biodiversity is an essential factor in biodynamic farming, which treats farms as self-contained, self sufficient entities requiring little or no inputs from the outside. Their wines are bursting with character a little funk, and a lot of heart. A true taste of Piemonte.

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