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Biodynamic Wine ('Super' Natural Wine)

Biodynamic wine making is a stage further from organic viticulture and requires a much greater commitment from the grower. It is often referred to as ‘super-charged’ organic. Its roots are to be found in the lectures of the Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner. The key is to consider the farm in its entirety as a living system. Rather than simply reducing chemical inputs, biodynamic production is a proactive attempt to bring life to the soil with the use of natural composts and organic preparations.

It is also helpful to think of biodynamic wine making not primarily as an agricultural system, but rather as an altered worldview that then impacts on the practise of agriculture in various ways. In other words, to farm biodynamically, you first have to ‘think biodynamically’. Winemakers drawn to this philosophy tend to be creative, spiritual types, deeply connected to their land and always experimenting to see what works the best. Their philosophy is carried from the vineyard to the cellar where they will invariably use natural yeasts, limited fining and filtration and certainly no unnatural ‘manipulation’ of the wine. The quality of the fruit is such that they are able to quite literally let wine ‘make itself’!

Biodynamic certification is a sound guarantee of responsible environmental practice. In my view biodynamic viticulture also yields the best and most authentic wine.