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Biodynamic Wine ('Super' Natural Wine)

Biodynamic wines are made entirely in tune with nature, both in the vineyard and the cellar. This is the zenith of natural wine criteria. If you want sustainably and ethically produced wine, biodynamic is your watchword.

Around a hundred years ago, philosopher Rudolph Steiner created a totally holistic agriculture system that views the farm as a living organism. He called it Biodynamic. Think of it as a super-charged version of organic that takes the idea much, much further.

The production method can be simplified into two parts. Firstly, it follows the lunar cycle in all aspects of viticulture and cellar management. Secondly, it uses special natural composts to replace traditional forms of fertiliser, encouraging the soil and plant to form their own natural protection.

There are aspects of biodynamic winemaking, like burying cow horns and being guided by the moon, that seem to take it into a weird, spiritual place. But the core belief is about achieving balance, not interfering with nature, and leaving the land in as good or better condition for future generations. And, to most palates, the wine tastes distinctly better because of it.