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Buon Vino Natural Wine Blog

  • It is often noted that the best wines come from the very limits of vine growing capabilities – the coolest climates, the most extreme terroirs – and mountain wines are no exception. You might think that snow capped mountains seem like a stupid place to plant vines, but there is certainly method in the madness! Continue reading

  • Ahead of our upcoming Portuguese wine tasting, with Niepoort wine maker Nick Delafore, we thought we’d take you on a little history of Port, one of wine’s most interesting stories, steeped in conflict and gout.

    Port’s origins are of course deeply rooted in Portugal, Continue reading

  • We did it again! Decanter's number one for natural wines, we are really chuffed. A massive thank you to all our on-line customers who love natural wines and want to drink right. So to celebrate natural wine this month, buy a mixed dozen of any natural, organic or biodynamic wine and get 10% off the listed price!

    Simply enter MYMIXEDCASE into the discount code in the shopping cart on our website.

    Remember, it must be a MIXED CASE, a minimum of 6 different wines (we love you to try things) and they must be listed as natural, organic or biodynamic in the attributes.  Enjoy. Continue reading

  • When I first started learning about wine, I was told that cloudy appearance in a wine is a fault, yet we are becoming more and more accustomed to seeing a bit of haze in our glass. So what is it that makes a wine cloudy? And perhaps more importantly, what makes a wine clear?

    Wine in its purest form will be cloudy. The dead yeast from the fermentation and sediment from the pressed grapes will all contribute to the haze. Over the years, winemakers have developed ways to clarify the liquid to make it more presentable as, particularly with whites, some people find translucency to be off-putting. These are generally separated into two categories: fining and filtration. Continue reading

  • Come to our next tasting evening where we'll be sampling a great selection of wines from Judith Beck, Gut Oggau and Arndorfer, some of Austria's finest natural winemakers. Continue reading

  • Pet Nat is one of the recent crazes in the wine world. Short for Pétillant Naturel, which is French for natural fizz, this form of bubbles is delighting fans of Prosecco and Champagne alike, and we’re seeing more weird and wonderful incarnations cropping up. Continue reading

  • It seems that everyone has quickly forgotten about the horse meat lasagne scandal of recent times, yet the Austrian anti-freeze antics of 1985 have tainted the reputation of Austrian wine to this day. Whilst no reported incidents came from these wines, it caused a near collapse of the Austrian wine market, as sales plummeted as far as 90%. Over 30 years later and people still bring it up as they browse the Gruner Veltliners, despite stringent additive rules being brought in across Europe.

    Fortunately, Austrian wine has massively upped its game, and you'll now find world-class Rieslings, peppery Gruners and a range of excellent reds at a pretty accessible price! Continue reading

  • English Cheese and Wine Tasting

    Saturday 18th August at 7.30pm

    Join Buon Vino and The Courtyard Dairy to celebrate the ongoing English food and wine revival in a cheese and wine tasting and matching evening showcasing the very best! You'll taste a selection of the superb Davenport sparkling and still wines matched to modern English cheese. A fun night starting with beautiful English bubbles on arrival. Tickets cost £30 and need to be pre-paid for this event. Continue reading


    Magnum Barbaste Mas des Agrunelles - leave a review, win a magnum of wineWe go large portions to say thank you for reviews! If you have something to say about any wines you have bought from us and you leave a review, then you automatically go in the regular prize draw to win a Magnum of wine. This time it's a Magnum of Barbaste, a beautiful biodynamic, low sulphur, dry white wine that is perfect for summer drinking. Quick leave your review(s) as a winner will be picked from the reviews on Friday the 13th (Lucky for someone!) Cheers!

  • Out of Africa - Wild Wines by Craig Hawkins - South Africa's Natural Wine Pioneer.


    Not just wacky labels, but an artisan small producer making natural wine who had his experimental 2011 Cortez rejected by the South African Wine and Spirits Board for being too natural:
    "The very first wine I ever made for myself was a 6-week skin macerated white wine (now called orange wines) from a 46-year-old Chenin Blanc vineyard on Lammershoek in the Swartland. It was beautiful. I loved it in all ways possible, it had soft tannins, a nose like nothing I had smelt before and it looked like liquid gold. I was in love, like a mother would be of her first born. I managed in time to scrape enough money together.....  Continue reading

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