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Sumptuous new Beaujolais from the sensational 2009 vintage!

Last night we had a superb tasting of 09 Cru Beaujolias led by Martin Slater of Thorman Hunt. We tasted 5 wines from different villages and i have to say, i have not been as excited at a tasting for a long time. The vintage shows Gamay at its best, succulent, juicy, vibrant with its unique level of quaffability! I truly believe that the day of massive big stodgy, soupy wines, the colour of balsamic vinegar and with more booze in them than meths is over! For me wine is about fresh fruit flavours, balance, gentleness and style. 09 Beaujolias has it all in spades and i will myself by quaffing plenty of it over the next few weeks! Oh and by the way, if you don't like Beaujolias because you think it is too light and lacks body, try the Moulin a Vent Jacky 09, a superb wine for lamb cutlets, cooked rare and tickled with rosemary!

1) Cote de Brouilly 2009 Nicole Chanrion

2)Chiroubles La Forge 2009 Chaponne

3)St Amour 2009 Domaine des Pins

4)Fleurie 2009 "Grand'Cour"

5)Moulin a Vent Jacky 2009 Les Fins Graves


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