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June Newsletter

'Lots happening at Buon Vino, the fine Italian wines are flooding in!  In particular some superb new Lugana from Ca Lojera, an excellent little winery based just outside of Sirmione at the southern tip of Lake Garda. All the wines are a 100% Trebbiano di Lugana, an unsung and potentially high quality variety which is thought to be a distant relative of Verdicchio.  The entry level wine is silky and refreshing with intense drinkability which meant the wife and I easily finished the bottle whilst watching the apprentice!  It is a wine for aperitifs, white fish or Pasta, very versatile and very moreish!

The other wines from estate are very serious indeed and as
you can see from the vintages, they age incredibly well and
are extremely complex, White Burgundy alternatives!

Also from Italy some excellent value Sicilian wines from
Cantina Paolini and try the two fascinating whites, the
Marziolo from Riofavera, a great blend of Sicilian varieties
and a lovely dry Passerina from the Abruzzo!  For a great
mixed case for summer drinking, try the
'Italian whites mixed dozen.' (See case deals below)

I was recently at a tasting of Natural and Organic/Bio-dynamic
wine in London.  The jury is out on whether these methods of
production actually produce the best wine but certainly there
was a lot to get excited about at the tasting.  The fact that
natural wines contain a lot less in the way of unnatural
products and sulphites is certainly a very positive thing
and attracts me to them. That does not mean that all Organic
wine is good, far from it.  Much of it can be oxidised or
have a multitude of minor faults which can give the wine a
slightly 'dirty' flavour.  This may be described as 'terroir'
by some enthusiasts but it is a style which can put many
consumers off.

Personally I am looking for good wine first, if it is made
organically which helps protect the environment and the
consumer then all the better.  I tasted some stunning wines
that fascinating and beguiled and in my view were also
dangerously drinkable, (the following day's hangover was
testament to that!)  I have selected some very interesting
and superb quality Organic wines in the list below and if
you fancy learning about this style of wine, try the 'Get to
know Organics case'.

Finally, a 'Cracking case for £120' including delivery with
red and whites that will not disappoint!'

Happy slurping.......

Rob and the Team

Competition winner

Congratulations to Carole Wroe Who won last month's draw
from our e-mail list.  She wins a bottle of
Lugana Ca' Lojera 2010 worth £14.95!


New wines at Buon Vino!


1. Nero d'Avola Baccaria 10 Cantina Paolini   £7.25
2. Frappato Baccaria 10 Cantina Paolini       £7.25

'Gianfranco Maltese is a young and passionate wine maker from
Marsala.  He is both supplier of fine grapes and the consultant
wine maker at Cantina Poalini, a little 'azienda sociale'
in the small town of Gurgo.  After tasting the wines, I new
I wanted to stock them and then when I was given the price,
I definitely knew.  Great value wines from a genuine source!'

3. Frascati 09 Racemo (Organic)                £10.95
4. Lugana Rosato Monte della Guardia 10 Ca Lojera £11.95
5. Chianti Colli Senesi 07 Innocenti              £11.95
6. Marziolo 10 Riofavara                          £11.95

'This is a lovely little blended white made from Inzolia,
Grecchetto and Chardonnay.  Bags of southern character and
richness and very good value!'

7. Passerina 10 Valforte                           £12.25
8. Lugana 10 Ca Lojera                             £14.95
9. Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi Cantori 09 Accadia  £14.95

'The new vintage of Cantori Verdicchio from Accadia is a stunner.
Angelo told me it was one of his finest vintages and the
wine is a beast. At 15% alcohol, you might think it too
powerful but trust me the balance is superb and the depth of
flavour and quality easily matches the chunky body!'

10. SP 68 Rosso 10 Arianna Occhipinti (Biodynamic) £15.95
11. Vino di Anna 09 Anna Martens      (Organic)    £16.50

'This is very unusual stuff, totally non interventionist wine
making.  The wine is murky and full of solids and 'muck' but
that is because there is nothing in there but fermented grapes
juice!  It is a pure as a wine can be and fascinating at that.
My only 5 star wine from the Natural wine tasting but beware
it will not be to everyone's taste!'

12. Fiano di Avellino 09 Donnachiara               £17.50
13. Lugana Riserva del Lupo 2006 Ca Lojera         £22.00
14. Anisos Vallagarina 08 Eugenio Rosi (Biodynamic)£25.00

'Stunning white wine from the finest Artisan in the Trentino!'

15. Dolomiti Pritianum 07 Fanti                    £27.00
16. Lugana Superiore 01 Ca Lojera                  £27.50
17. Lugana Vigna Silva 99 Ca Lojera                £29.00
18. Dolomiti Isidor Manzoni Bianco 08 Fanti        £33.00

'If this was from Burgundy it would be £75 a bottle, fabulous
wine vineyard at 600 meters and superb wine making go into
producing a truly unique wine.  (Less than 1000 bottles produced!)'

The rest!

19. Carmenere 09 El Grano                          £8.50
20. Montsant Joven 08 Sola fred                    £8.95
21. Pinot Gris 09 Willunga                         £8.95
22. Vin de Petanque 10 Libian (Biodynamic)         £8.95

'Fantastic bio-dyanamic earthy wine to start to get to know the style!'

23. Rioja Crianza 07 Decenio                       £9.95

'This is great value Rioja, lovely and rich with plenty of
vanilla and fresh fruit!

Only £113.43 a case of 12 bottles.'

24. Cotes du Rhone 08 Espigouette (Organic)        £9.95
25. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 10 Tinpot Hut      £10.95
26. S Rouge 08 Domaine de Saumarez                 £11.95

'S de Saumarez is a 75% Grenache, 25% Syrah wine from the
Languedoc.  Around 45% of the wine is ahead in second passage
oak barrels so as not too spoil to sweet dark fruit and spicy
structure layered in the wine.  Grenache at its best!'

27. Albarino 10 Castro Celta                       £11.95
28. Vinho Verde 09 Afros   (Biodynamic)            £12.95
29. Vinho Verde Tinto 09 Afros   (Biodynamic)      £12.95
30. Sancerre Le Rouet 08 Riffault        (Organic) £18.95

'Beautifully crafted and nuanced Sancerre, this is how
Sauvignon Blanc should be!'


June mixed cases....

The Italian whites mixed Dozen

* 3 x Lugana 10 Ca Lojera
* 3 x Frascati 09 L'Olivella
* 3 x Marziolo 09 Riofavera
* 3 x Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi Cantori 09 Accadia

Total £160 inc delivery anywhere in mainland UK
(excluding the Scottish highlands)

Get to know Organics Case

* 2 x Vin de Petanque 10 Libian (Biodynamic)
* 2 x SP 68 Rosso 10 Arianna Occhipinti (Biodynamic)
* 2 x Vinho Verde Tinto 09 Afros (Biodynamic)
* 2 x Sancerre Le Rouet 08 Riffault (Organic)
* 2 x Vinho Verde 09 Afros (Biodynamic)
* 2 x Frascati 09 Recemo (Organic)

Total £160 inc delivery anywhere in mainland UK
(excluding the Scottish highlands)

Cracking case for £120!

* 2 x Carmenere 09 El Grano
* 2 x Nero d'Avola Baccaria 10 Cantina Paolini
* 2 x Cotes du Rhone 08 Espigouette (Organic)
* 2 x Pinot Gris 09 Willunga
* 2 x Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 10 Tinpot Hut
* 2 x Albarino 10 Castro Celta

Total £115 inc delivery anywhere in mainland UK
(excluding the Scottish highlands)

To purchase, please contact

or phone 01729 823885


Events and Tastings

Thursday 16th  June

Look out for our Franciacorta tasting at Woodlands in Giggleswick!

Monday 20th June
Franciacorta  Tasting at Brio Italian Restaurant Hornbeam Park Harrogate

Friday 24th June

In store tasting at Buon Vino settle, new wines!

Friday 1st July

In store tasting at Buon Vino, summer wines!