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July Newsletter

Dear all

I finally feel like we are getting some summer time, warm weather, summer storms and got the shorts on quite a lot. Even had a bottle of Rosé the other night; Lugana Rosato Ca Lojera 2010. Superb wine, as fresh and crisp a slice of watermelon and oozing berry fruit flavours.  So moreish the bottle was gone by the time my wife lit the Barbecue!

Buon Vino is evolving all the time.  Over the next few weeks you will see some subtle changes to the lay out of the shop to make it easier to navigate and find what you like.  Of the course the quality and exceptional range remains the same and we will still be serving you the best espresso in Yorkshire while you browse.

Our range is still growing and getting wackier by the minute! Peleverga from Piemonte, (only 3 growers in the whole world), Organic Pais from Chile, Bio-dynamic wines from one of the top growers in the beautiful area of the Baux de Provence and a bio-dynamic Claret, we have it all!

On top of that we are very aware that wine can be a scary topic for some and the amount of choice and difference in styles can be overwhelming.  In that sense the good quality brands from, initially the new world and now certain areas of France have helped to open the door for many consumers to the sometimes inaccessible world of wine.

At Buon Vino we love the unusual lesser known wines as well as the more traditional classic styles.  However we also enjoy a good straight forward clean fruity new world Merlot once in a while and so we are now stocking some main stream branded wines that just hit the spot.

From Chile we have the full Range from the Emiliana organic brand, Adobe.  From France some excellent value Vin de Pays under the Cuvée Jean Paul brand and from New Zealand, a great Marlborough Sauvignon from Moko Black. I have put together some mixed cases below and remember delivery is free to the local area!

Happy slurping.......

Rob and the Team



Competition winner

Congratulations to Gill Fawcett Who won last month's draw from our E-mail list.

She wins a bottle of Lugana Rosato Ca Lojera 2010 worth £11.95!


New wines at Buon Vino!


Casablanca Sauvignon Blanc 10 Adobe    £7.95 (Organic)
Casablanca Chardonnay 10 Adobe    £7.95 (Organic)
Rapel Valley Merlot 09 Adobe    £7.95 (Organic)
Central Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 10 Adobe    £7.95 (Organic)
Colchagua Valley Carmenere 09 Adobe    £7.95 (Organic)
Rapel Valley Rosé 10 Adobe    £7.95 (Organic)

The Adobe mixed case, 2 each for the above wines for only £89!

Limari Syrah Reserva 09 Tabali    £8.95

Clos Ouvert Bio-dynamic boutique winery, Maule Valley Chile!

Clos Ouvert is new world wine with Old World class and character offering punch but also complexity, elegance and balance!  If you have always found Carménère a little too sweet oaky and chocolaty, behold a savory and delicious example from Clos Ouvert, Loconmilla 2008. The wine is made by a pair of Frenchman, using organically cultivated old vines and with a gentle hand in the cellar, notably using old oak barrels over new. In the glass, the impressive aromas enticingly intertwine some dark fruit notes with a whiff of dried herbs and a lot of intrigue. Although the wine lists 14.5% alcohol on the label, it carries the alcohol well thanks to good balance and acidity that enlivens the palate. On day two of being open, this wine had just as much intrigue as on day one, always the mark of an excellent young wine. All the wines from this estate are made completely traditionally. From 200 year old bio-dynamically farmed vines, the grapes are crushed in lagares by hand and foot and then aged in old French barrels rather than new.  The results are ravishing - delicate sweet red fruit and floral with weight but balance.  The wines have a lovely seam of sweet, fresh spice running down the middle and unusually for Chile, a mineral finish. Clos Ouvert is truly intriguing and really quite delicious. Drink cool so the elegance can express itself!

El Pais de Quenehuao La Luyt 09 Clos Ouvert    £17.50 (Organic)
(From next month)
Maule Valley Carignan 08 Clos Ouvert    £17.50  (Organic)
Loncomilla Carménère 08 Clos Ouvert    £22.00 (Organic)


Lugana Rosato 10 Ca Lojera    £11.95
Peleverga 10 Burlotto    £16.95

New Zealand

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 10 Moko Black    £8.95
Marlborough Pinot Noir 08 Clos Henri    £25.00



VDP de Gascogne Rosé 10 Cuvee Jean Paul    £5.75
VDP de Gascogne Blanc Sec 10 Cuvee Jean Paul    £5.75
VDP de Vaucluse Rouge 10 Cuvee Jean Paul    £5.75

Great value wines for every day drinking.

Mixed case of 12 bottles for £60! Save £9!




Casot des Mailloles, truly lovely wine.

These wines truly represent all that is great about natural wine making in the South of France.  Alain Castex was a vigneron in the Corbières region, where he spent 15 years working in different wineries. That's where he met Ghislaine Magnier and fell in love.  The two married and then started to look to buy some vineyards.

Like most vineyards in Banyuls, the "Casot Des Mailloles" vineyards are on very steep terrain, with small walled terraces and most work is manual.  "Casot" is the local name for the vineyard stone shelters that dot the mountain and allowed workers in the past to rest and hide from the weather's hardships (heat, cold or rain). The estate is only 4 hectares. The smallest in the Banyuls Appellation! On the Domaine, most of the work is done by Ghislaine and Alain.  They do not use any chemicals and the yields are very low with an average annual production of just 5,000 bottles across 5 different wines.

Ghislaine and Alain run their estate 100% organically: hand harvest, short pruning, rarely do they de-stem, no fining, and no filtration.

Even though Casot de Mailloles has vineyards strictly on the Banyuls Appellation zone, its wines are labelled as "Vin de Table" (table wine). But they made their way into the world of fine wines nonetheless. About 10 years after its foundation, this small Domaine has reached an envied position on the Banyuls wine market with its natural wines and in the UK, they are only to be found in the country's finest restaurant wine lists.  On tasting the white wine, I was blown away by the sheer explosion of fruit and floral aromas combined with a freshness that transported me the sun drenched coastline of Banyuls.

The red is deep and intense, dry, stony and minerally like the garrigue and scrub land that is home to the vines.  The aromas of fruit and herbs are profound and the wine sings on and on in the mouth.

Vin de Table 'Tir a Blanc' 10 Le Casot des Mailloles    £25.00 (Organic)
Vin de Table El Nino 06 Le Casot des Mailloles    £34.00 (Organic)

Gaillac Peyrouzelles 09 Domaine Causse Marines    £14.95 (Bio-dynamic)

Domaine Milan is a stunning property nestled in the hills of the Alpilles near St Remy de Provence.  The soil is key to the quality with high proportions of calcium similar to those of the Chateau Rayas near by in Chateauneuf du Pape.  The wines are beautifully elegant and great value considering the low yields, boi-dynamic production and quality that ranks the wines amongst the finest in Provence.

VDT La Grand Blanc 07 Domaine Milan    £23.00 (Bio-dynamic)

Grenache Blanc, Rolle, Roussane, Chardonnay, Muscat Petit Grains, Direct pressing then draining straight into barrique during the fermentation; no additional yeasts, no sulfites added at this stage, stirring on the lees followed by fining. 2g of sulfur dioxide added during bottling.

VDT Rouge Sans Souffre Ajoute 09 Domain Milan    £20.00    (Bio-dynamic)

Syrah, Grenache Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon. Whole-bunch fermentation, with a brief maceration of 5 days, removed from tank once a density level of 1020 is reached, fermentation concluded in the liquid phase and then the wine is transferred into old barriques, where it is kept for 8 months. No filtration, no fining.  No addition of any sulphur dioxide.

Duc de Nauves Côtes de France 09 Château Le Puy    £14.95 (Organic)
VDP de Bouches du Rhône Version Nature 09 Chateau La Coste    £11.50 (Organic)

July mixed cases....

Great Value for Summer quaffing!

3 x Casablanca Sauvignon Blanc 10 Adobe
3 x VDP de Gascogne Rosé Sec 10 Cuvee Jean Paul
3 x VDP de Vaucluse Rouge 10 Cuvee Jean Paul
3 x Rapel Valley Merlot 09 Adobe

Total only £78

Unique Organic Case

3 x Vin de Table 'Tir a Blanc' 10 Le Casot des Mailloles
3 x VDT La Grand Blanc 07 Domaine Milan
3 x VDP de Bouches du Rhône Version Nature 09 Chateau La Coste
3 x Maule Valley Carignan 08 Clos Ouvert

Total only £219

Cracking case for £99

3 x Casablanca Chardonnay 10 Adobe
3 x Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 10 Moko Black
3 x Colchagua Valley Carmenere 09 Adobe
3 x Limari Syrah Reserva 09 Tabali

Total only £99

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