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Locanda Gisburn reopens 9th Feb

I am delighted to announce that my good friend Cinzia Bocchi is reopening her lovely little restaurant La Locanda in Gisburn (just off the roundabout).  The new Locanda will still have the quality food and of course the great wine, (from where, who knows!) but there will be a new fresh simplicity about it.  I can't wait, i have missed the fresh Pasta and a bottle of cold Menabrea (that's beer from Piemonte, very good) on a Tuesday night.....and of course i have missed Cinzia's warm welcome and ever positive character!

See her invitation below....

Dear Customer

I'm delighted to invite you all to the grand reopening of La Locanda on the 10th of February from 6pm and all together we can celebrate the event and share a nice bottle of Prosecco and a lot of good food.

Effectively The New Locanda will reopen on Thursday 9th from noon and lots of lovely new things are waiting for you.

For example we will be open every day from noon and the new philosophy of the restaurant will be "simplicity".

Also remembering the meaning of the word Locanda (Inn) I will bring you a new place where you can relax and feel free to have from a good glass of wine and nibbles, to a nice sweet and cup of coffee, to a nice Italian style hot panino for lunch, to a nice plate of home made pasta, to the best of the traditional Italian cuisine and the best of local produce ..........

The menu will be daily based on what I will find on the market in the morning as you find in the best Trattoria in Italy.

To thank you for all your support in the past, I'm delighted to offer you some little gifts specially designed for you to introduce our new menus around the day and to enjoy your time with us:

Cinzia xxx

La Locanda - Main Street - Gisburn - BB7 4HH - tel.: 01200 445303

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