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Xmas Wine at Buon Vino!

Christmas Wines at Buon Vino  Price  Promo Tag Description
Prosecco Dolci Colline NV  £ 8.95 Easy drinking aperitif, great with Liqueur de Rhubarb or crème de cassis
Cava Tharsys NV  £10.95 Light and delicate with a soft mousse, perfect before Xmas dinner
Prosecco Gorio Malibran NV  £15.95 Best Prosecco in Italy, off dry, perfect balance!
Prosecco Sottoriva Malibran NV  £14.95 The best dry Prosecco in Italy, traditional refermentation in bottle, cloudy, zesty, gorgeous!
Champagne Grand Cru Lallier NV  £27.00 Beautiful Grand Cru Champagne, rich and soft, sophisticated bubbles.
Pink Champagne Lallier NV  £29.00 The perfect gift for the lady who likes her posh bubbles!
Champagne Lallier Vintage 2005  £40.00 Stunning Vintage Champers, golden and complex, perfect accompaniment to Xmas dinner!
10% off all Franciacorta
La Montina Extra Brut NV  £24.95  £22.46 Fabulous Champagne alternative, very dry, very elegant.
La Montina Brut Rose NV  £34.00  £30.60 Light, delicate perfect for ladies
La Montina Saten NV  £29.50  £26.55 100% Chardonnay, rich and round, golden toast and brioche
La Montina Vintage 2006  £33.00  £29.70 Stuning vintage Champagne style wine from one of Franciacorta's best wineries, for Xmas dinner.
La Montina Millesimato Riserva 2004  £39.00  £35.10 Rare and delicious aged for 5 years on the lees, Krug style vintage wine.
White wines for fish
Sierra Grande Sauvignon 2011  £ 5.95 Crisp, lean - very quaffable ideal for parties.
Cuvee Jean Paul Blanc Sec 2011  £ 5.95 Dry, crisp, fragrant - great country wine
Catarrato Ca di Ponti 2011  £ 5.95 Dry, light but slightly oily, great with grilled fish
Adobe Sauvignon Blanc 2011  £ 7.95  £ 6.95 Organic, super fresh, crispy aromatic Sauvignon, great value.
Guy Allion Sauvignon Blanc 2011  £ 8.95 Classic Loire - grassy, smooth, full of flavour - fabulous value, smoked Salmon
Guy Allion Sauvignon Blanc 2011 5litre BIB  £49.00
Pinot Gris Belle Vue 2011  £12.95 Biodynamic, spicey yet lean, crisp elegant wine from Eastern Loire, perfect for smoked Salmon
Langhe Favorita Fracassi 2011  £13.95 Delicate, salty, dry mineral white, superb with fish, Steve's favourite!
Chablis Chateau de Beru 2010  £22.00 Biodynamic, the best Chablis we ever tasted, minerals, rich, superb!
Sancerre Le MD Bourgeois 2010  £22.50 Fabulous full fruit aromas, steely, mineral and long finish, Fish Pie.
Rose d'Une Nuit La Coste 2011  £14.95 Biodynamic, serious rose for food, dry yet rich and full of flavour.
White Wines for Meat
Chardonnay Chevassu 2008  £14.50 Made under Flor yeast (like sherry) alternative Chadonnay, rich, creamy and nutty, Turkey Pie!
Circle of Life White 2010  £15.95 Rich blend of Semillon & Chardonnay - full of flavour and a kiss of oak.  Turkey and Ham pie.
Gewurztraminer Domaine Mann 2010  £18.95 Organic, traditional, medium, Lychee, tropical fruit, honey roast ham.
Cheverny Les Veilleurs 2009  £18.95 Biodynamic, class, stylish Sauvignon, Menu Pineau blend, rich with gentle oak.  Fabulous for Turkey or Goose.
Maso Furli Chardonnay 2009/10  £20.95 Biodynamic.  Amazing wine of elegance, power and purity, another one for Xmas dinner!
Lugana Riserva 2010  £22.00 Fruity, medium bodied, round and soft. A great alternative to Cru Sancerre.  For rich fish dishes.
Pernand Vergelesses Vallet Freres 2010  £23.50 Old school burgundy, golden, rich and round, concentrated and perfect for rich game and ham dishes.
Anisos Eugenio Rosi 2008/10  £25.00 Biodynamic, unique blend of Chardonnay and Manzoni Bianco, full on white wine for re drinkers.
Lighter Reds
Sierra Grande Merlot 2011  £ 5.95 Smooth black cherry and plum fruits, crowd pleaser
Cuvee Jean Paul Rouge 2011  £ 5.95 Medium bodied blend of Grenache, Syrah, Merlot. Soft, fruity & great value
Nero d'Avola Ca di Ponti 2011  £ 5.95 Fruity and well rounded. Easy drinking on its own or with food
Vin de Petanque 2011  £ 9.95 Biodynamic, lovely Grenache/Syrah blend. Decant it and drink with pork chops.
Domaine de Belle Vue Rouge 2010  £12.50 Biodynamic, surprising blend of Merlot/Cabernet Franc, dark fruit and mocha with fresh acidity
Morgon Classic Jean Foillard 2010  £16.95 A classic Beaujolais. Fruity and light - a great Boxing Day red with left overs!
Nebbiolo Fay 2009  £18.95 Light in colour - array of sweet and savoury aromas. Smooth and balanced - pure velvet
Gamay Chautagne 2010  £20.50 Biodynamic, unique Gamay of class and complexity, for Turkey.
Pommard Fanny Sabre 2010  £39.00 Biodynamic, glorious, sophisticated red, how Burgundy should be.
Chunkier Reds
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Frentano 2010  £ 7.95 Deep ruby, aromas of dark plum and cherries. Soft and long. Great everyday wine
Chateau Haut Rian 2009  £ 9.95 Terrific value claret, dry and gentlemanly, a must for Xmas.
Novas Pinot Noir 2010  £ 9.95  £ 8.95 Organic, aromas of cherry and damson, dash of pepper, fabulous value.
Salice Salentino Mocavero 2009  £10.95 Classy wine - rich and ripe with mocha and dark fruits. Fantastic with pasta & meat dishes
Cotes du Rhone Aphillantes 2010  £13.95 Biodynamic, dry, warm red fruit, full of character, impossible not to like.
Cariglio Terre Nobili 2010  £14.95 Organic, rare wine, Magliocco grape, big hearty red bursting with rich fruit flavours, steak wine!
Chianti Classico Monteraponi 2010  £21.00 Biodynamic, class Chianti - velvety Sangiovese, beautiful, La Fiorentina!
La Strada Pinot Noir 2007  £21.50 Soft, rich, deep colour and weight. Phil's choice for Turkey!
Avi Sangiovese di Romagna 2006  £25.00 Full bodied, cherry & plum in abundance, Brunello alternative.
Poiema Marzemino Rosi 2009  £25.00 Biodynamic, delicious rare wine from Italy's top artisan producer, perfect for bird.
Chateau le Puy 2008  £29.00 Biodynamic, merlot rich rare and the most perfectly Claret produced, forget Lafitte, Le Puy is stunning.
Amarone Moropio Antolini 2008  £35.00 Full, rich, masculine, but with finesse and drinkability, for cheese or big hearty stews.
CNDP Villeneuve 2009  £39.00 Biodynamic, the best Chateauneuf out there, fantastic bold, powerful yet elegant Grenache.
Monbazillac Jour de Fruit 2009/10  £ 8.50 Lovely delicate, easy sticky, fresh and perfect for light desserts.
Banyuls Gaby Vial 8 Yr Old  £24.00 Biodynamic, a delicious alternative to 10 yr old tawny, hedonistic wine, chocolate dessert
Recioto Velluto Meroni 2009 500ml  £30.00 Ripe round dark fruit, mocha and earthy rustic sweetness, 'Vino da Meditazione'
Rutherglen Muscat Stanton e Killeen NV 375ml  £13.95 The only wine for Christmas pudding, cinamon dried fruit and spice, Christmas in a glass.
Jurancon Madame de Souche 2008  £37.00 Biodynamic, Madame de Souche is 86 yrs old and makes wine that rivals Chateau d'Yquem, stunning!
Boal Madiera NV 500ml  £13.95 For an interesting change this Xmas, try this rich and nutty madiera with your Xmas pudding!
Ramos Pinto 10 yr old Tawny  £32.00 Beautiful, elegant 10 yr old, keep drinking it late into the night!
LBV Infantado 2007  £17.95 Stellar vintage, great producer means lovely wine, try with bue cheese!
Ruby Dum NV  £14.50 Great sticky sweet Port for Choclate or Cheese
Tawny Dee NV  £14.50 Easy going but very good youngish Tawny
Plum Sake 500ml  £17.95 This Sake and mince Pies is a match made in heaven!
Antique Fino Fernando de Castilla  £18.95 A different type of Fino, old and nutty but retains is classic dry freshness.
Colosia Fino  £11.95 Fabulous dry and elegant fino for smoked salmon on Xmas morning.
PX Colosia 375ml  £13.95 Fantastic for Xmas pudding, or on your Ice cream, very indulgent.
Classic Manzanilla Fernando de Castilla  £11.95 Smoked salmon, salty olives, anchoivies, manzanilla, great start to Xmas day!
Cream Sherry Romate  £ 9.95 Don't buy Harvey's, this is lovely cream sherry as it should be.
Spice Tree Whisky  £45.00  £43.00 Amazing cinamon and spice flavor, a touch of sweetness, perfect with a slice of Xmas cake!
Saliza Amaretto  £25.00  £23.00 The finest Amaretto in Italy, you just keep drinking it!
Peat Monster Whisky  £44.00 For the gentleman who likes a muscular whisky, perfect gift.
Fifty Pound London Dry Gin  £36.50 For the perfect Gin Cocktail, come to our Spirits tasting on the 7th Dec.
Cognac VSOP Grande Champagne Trijol  £45.00 The only time I drink Cognac is at Xmas, and I will be drinking this!
Great King Street Whisky  £30.00 Perfect accessible whiskey to see you into the night with a roaring fire.
Armagnac VSOP Dupeyron  £35.00 Earthy, rustic and full of flavour, fantastic degistif.