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12 Raw Wines over 12 Days

12 Raw Wines

Raw is a unique wine fair set up by Isabelle Legeron MW, natural wine guru and now producer of her own biodynamically produced Georgian wine Lagvinari.

RAW is a two-day celebration of some of the best wine talent in the world. Featuring over 150 growers, RAW is one of the most exciting collections of fine, natural wine artisans ever to come together in the capital. Their wines are pure, kind to the planet, very possibly better for your health and best of all they're absolutely delicious.

RAW is leading the charge for transparency. We believe that in an ideal wine world, any processing and additives will be clearly communicated to the drinker so that you know exactly what is in your glass. RAW is a first step in this direction - we will clearly list all additives and processing on both the website and fair catalogue. We are proud to be leading the way.

RAW is committed to empowering all wine drinkers through real, informed choice. RAW is unprocessed. It is about truth, authenticity and frank wine talking, but most of all it's about showcasing really good wine.

In order to qualify for presenting at Raw, the wine must adhere to a strict criteria for production called, The Charter of Quality.

Raw 2013 started today on 19th May and to coincide with what is without doubt the UK's best and most fascinating wine fair, Buon Vino has decided to promote 12 Raw wines over the next 12 days and offer them as a unique case of fabulous Biodynamic wine!

At Buon Vino, we passionately believe in the type of wine and approach to agricultural production that is being promoted at Raw.  We specialise in biodynamic wines because we want to drink and sell wines that are honest and healthy but also because we firmly believe these are the best wines in the world.

As it is Isabelle's creation, we will start by looking in depth at her own beautiful and fascinating orange wine Lagvini, tomorrow!