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Wine no 1 of 12 Raw Wines, Lagvinari Lagvini 2011

Lagvinari Lagvini 2011 Isabelle Legeron MV £21  (buy at Buon Vino)

LAGVINARI Lagvini is a fascinating ORANGE WINE made from 100% Rkatsiteli, an indigenous Georgian variety.  It is made in a traditional Kvevri, the amphorae shaped clay pot that was the first ever wine fermentation vessel used thousands of years ago in Georgia which was likely to be the birth place of grape wine. The orange colour comes from the long maceration on the skins in the Kvevri that leeches a small amount of colour from the skins and also allows a limited element of oxidation.  This winery is the brain child of That Crazy French Woman, Isabelle Legeron MW, founder of the Raw wine fair and passionate spokes person and devotee of Biodynamic wine production.  The wine is one of only a few Georgian 'Orange' wines i have tasted and it was without doubt the best.  Although it has all the savoury slightly tannic and grippy characteristics that are usually associated with the wine, it has something else, freshness!!  Other Georgian wines in this style i have tried are hard work and a little stodgy as they lack the acidity and bit of fresh fruit character to hold in check the wild and rustic style of the wine.  Isabelle's wines are without doubt the most approachable of their type and are a fascinating link with an ancient tradition of wine making.  Not for the faint hearted or Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc lovers, Lagvinari Rkatsiteli is a delicious wine for savoury stews of pork and potato or a good Lancashire Hot Pot made with Mutton and some spicy sweet red cabbage!