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Wine no 3 of 12 Raw Wines, Mas Nicot Blanc 2010

Mas Nicot White 2010 £12.95  (Buy this wine on-line)

Mas Nicot Blanc 2010

Mas Nicot is run by Stéphanie Nicot, a great ambassador for naturally produced wines showing that it can be done on a small scale and without making wines that cost the earth.  Her beautifully easy drinking white wine is a blend of Marsanne, Viognier and Grenache Blanc.  The vineyards lie in an area with a very special micro-climate just north of Montpellier.  The diurnal temperature difference is very high, sometimes 12 degrees cooler overnight and this means the acidity level in the grapes is very high.  This element of freshness is quite rare for a white wine in this area.  The aromas too are light, subtle, floral and spring fresh.  The wine is virtually unfiltered and so it is slightly hazy in appearance but the raw natural flavours and aromas of the varieties shine through.  We serve this wine by the glass with Halibut, cauliflower, pine nuts and samphire at Hipping Hall, one of our best restaurant customers and the reaction is always fantastic.  A great entry into the fascinating world of Biodynamic wine and very affordable too!  (buy Mas Nicot Blanc on-line)