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Wine No 4 of 12 Raw Wines, Barolo Riserva Casina Disa 2005 Sandri

Barolo Riserva Cascina Disa 2005 Sandri £44 (buy now on-line)

Barolo Riserva Cascina Disa 2005 Sandri

The two main valleys of the incredible Barolo area have significantly different microclimates with produce different expressions of the noble Nebbiolo grape.  Within the commune Monforte d'Alba and Serralungato the east is a compact, sandstone based soil dating from the Helvetian epoch.  These soils are higher in sand, limestone, iron, phosphorus and potassium and the wines of Serralunga Valley tend to be austere and powerful and require significant aging (at least 12–15 years) to develop. The Central Valley to the west includes the communes of Barolo and La Morra with soils higher in clay, manganese and magnesium oxide. This region tends to produce wines with more perfumed aromas and velvety textures.

The estate of Cascina Disa lies on the hillside Suri Disa overlooking Montforte d'Alba in the Serralunga Valley.  Elio took over from his father Giovanni in the early 2000s and continued the tradition of making classically styled wines designed for long ageing.  They employ long maceration on the skins and natural yeasts for the fermentation.   Ageing is only in old slavonian oak botti, big ones, so no woody aromas enter the wine and the fruit comes from an organic vineyard with very old vines.  The wines are Raw but silky and opulent.  Elio deliberately keeps the wines a long time at the estate and releases them when they are approaching readiness.  They make roughly 3000 bottles of Barolo a year and when the years are good as in 2005 age it for longer and declare a Riserva.  These wines are how Barolo should be and show the greatness of the Nebbiolo Grape when treated correctly.