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Wine no 5 of 12 Raw Wines, Barolo 10 Anni di Botte 2000 Sandri

Barolo 10 Anni di Botte 2000 Sandri £55.00 Buy now on-line

Barolo 10 Anni di Botte Sandri 2000

Barolo 2000, a fabulous result for Cascina Disa, the weather brought the best out of the terroir and Elio decided to pay hommage top this exceptional year by making a small amount of exceptional wine.  A portion of the wine went into cask and stayed there for 10 years and achieved an extraordinary evolution.  Barolo 10 anni di botte 2000, a difficult wine to make, not least because of the cost of keeping wine for such a long time in cask.

The final wine released after a further refinement in bottle is now ready to drink and it is pure, noble, traditional Nebbiolo in its finest expression.  A must try for lovers of Barolo wine.