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Wine No 7 of 12 Raw Wines, Chateau Le Puy 2009

Chateau Le Puy 2009 £30.00 Buy now on-line

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Chateau Le Puy make honest Claret. They don't speculate in the open market despite the fact that the wines can fetch incredibly high prices as they become rarer (two bottles of 1961 Le Puy sold earlier in the year at the Connaught Hotel for £8000 a piece!).  The current release price means the stunning 2009 can be had for a mere £30 a bottle  This is a wine that will age for 50 years, (and who knows what it will be worth then!)  Lesser known than the big estates of Lafite or Rosthchild perhaps, but in every way their equal in terms of quality.  In terms of finesse, Le Puy may even surpass these famous wines and in terms of sincerity, it definitely does!

Owned by the Amoreau family since 1610, Château Le Puy overlooks the Dordogne valley on the same geological plateau as Saint-Emilion and Pommerol, once called by the Ancients the "Plateau of Wonders". The Château was originally built at the begining of the 17th century and later extended in 1832 by the ancestor Barthélémy Amoreau. The vineyards account for 35 hectares and are spread on 3 plots with soils made of clay, limestone and silica. It's quite common to find some sharpened flints between the vines as some parts used to be battlefields in olden times. There are 85% of Merlot, 14% of Cabernet Sauvignon  and 1% of Carménère old vines planted for the red wines and only Sémillon old vines planted for the white wines.

As Jean-Pierre, Françoise and Pascal are the 15th generation of winemakers, the winemaking methods are very old and reminiscent of those used in the 1940's and 1950's with a great respect of the terroir. They work using biodynamic principles, implying no chemicals on the soil, low yields, no yeasting nor chaptalization, long ageing and very low added sulphites. These practices then allow the Amoreau family to express the pure expression of the terroir and to produce incredible wines that will be able to age for decades. Also, the names of the wines are inherited from their ancestors' names, expressing all their gratitude to them.

Jean-Pierre's definition of a wine grower? "Being a wine grower is being an artist with method, audacious with reflection, enthusiast with meditation, ardent with patience, stubborn with imagination, thrifty with generosity".  Buy on-line now from Buon Vino!