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Sat 21st September, Biodynamic wine Open day in association with The Courtyard Dairy, 11am-4pm

So this Saturday, we will be opening a range of Fantastic and affordable wines that showcase the plesures of naturally made wines and surprisingly, don't cost the earth!  Biodyanmic wine is more expensive to produce as the work in the vines increases exponentailly when all the problems need to be solved by hand and there is no recourse to chemical fixes.  However Bio wine makers do an amazing job of work in producing their totally pure wines at in some cases, fantastically low prices.  When you consider that the fixed costs of wine nowadays are close to £4 a bottle, inc £2 of duty to the tax man, it is amazing that any wine is produced and sold much under £10.  To find Biodynamic and natural wines made by small and medium sized wineries under this price is outstanding.  Below is a list of the wines that we will be opening on saturday, i hope you can come and join in the tasting session!  Cheers Robert Bagot

  1. Vin en Vrac Rouge 2007 (Our buy a bottle and fill it up service is gaining quite a following, we will be tasting these wines again and they are great value with thr double loyalty discount!) Cabernet/Grenache £7.85 a refill
  2. Vin en Vrac Blanc 2012 90% Rolle, 10% Ugni Blanc £7.85 a refill
  3. Vin en Vrac Rose 2012 Cabernet, Grenache, Cinsault £7.85 a refill
  4. Gabacho Rioja Olivier Riviere 2010 Garnacha, mazuela £18.95
  5. Rayos Uva Rioja Olivier Riviere 2011 Tempranillo, Garnacha £14.95
  6. Prosecco Frozza 2011 £14.95
  7. Primitivo Fatalone 2008 £13.50
  8. Nebbiolo Costa Bassa Fay 2010 £19.95
  9. Muscadet Gabbro Belle Vue 2012 100% Melon de Bourgogne £13.95
  10. Muscadet Granit Belle Vue 2012 100% Melon de Bourgogne £13.95
  11. Bourgogne Aligote Fanny Sabre 2011 £18.95
  12. Poivre d'Ane Grenache/Syrah 2011 £11.95 (5 litre BIB £52.00)
  13. Soave Castelcerino 2011 100% Garganega £13.95
  14. Clos Ouvert Carmenere 2009 £22.00
  15. Barolo Riserva Sandri 2005 100% Nebbiolo £44.00
  16. Lugana Ca Lojera 2012 100% Trebbiano di Lugana £15.95
  17. La Griffe CDR Villeneuve 2010 Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre £25.00
  18. Gewurztraminer Domain Josmeyer 2010 £28.00
  19. Cuvee des Galets Rouge 2012 Grenache, Syrah £8.95
  20. Gran Cerdo Gonzalez 2012 100% Tempranillo £7.95