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Waterkloof Tasting with Louis Boutinot

Hello, I am Diane, the newest member to the team. On Friday I experienced my first Buon Vino tasting event when we welcomed Louis Boutinot of the Waterkloof vineyard to Buon Vino.

In all honesty this was the most interesting tasting event I have ever attended! Louis introduced us to Waterkloof: it's background, the vineyard and its wines and the biodynamic farming principles employed in the wine making process.

Over the years I have been an old word wine drinker. However, the tasting challenged my traditionalist attitude. The Waterkloof vineyard situated near Western Cape, South Africa, has undergone a progressive transformation from conventional to biodynamic wine making. Using sustainable and natural farming principles Waterkloof are now producing quality and affordable wines. Furthermore, due to the low level of sulphites present in biodynamic wine, these wines will not give you that hangover that you can get with your run of the mill plonk.

Peacock Ridge Chenin Blanc A nice suprise: Peacock Ridge Chenin Blanc

For me the surprise star of the tasting was the Peackock Ridge Chenin blanc; a full bodied wine with a smooth texture that went down a treat, and was accompanied by noises of approval all round. Tasting this wine completely changed my opinion of Chenin Blanc and I am now keen to learn more about this grape in my search for similar gems.

I think it's safe to say I'm very much looking forward to our next tasting event.