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The Real Wine Fair is an event featuring small, artisan, producers who work organically and/or biodynamically and who intervene as little as possible in the wine making to produce wines that taste true to themselves, true to their grape varieties, and true to the vineyard and region.

(Further information on: RealWineFair )

During the entire month of April, Buon Vino will offer discounts on many of our biodynamic, organic and natural wines that will be featured at the London Fair (RWMF).

To coincide with this fantastic event, we will be doing our own free tasting weekend on Sat 12th and Sun 13th April when we will open several of these beautiful and naturally produced wines.

We will be offering over 70 wines from all over the world at fantastic discounted prices.

Many of these wines are only found in the UK’s top restaurants and now at Buon Vino!

Have a look at our discounted wines for April here and make your choice ! -> Special Offer for April Only