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Domaine du Pech, Abusé (South West, France)

The Domaine du Pech makes natural wine, they practice biodynamic viticulture, pick all of their grapes by hand, and use no pesticides or herbicides in the vineyard and no nasty additives in the winemaking process including no sulphur being added. The grapes are fermented using only the naturally occurring yeasts and they encourage natural predators in the vineyard and that is why the labels often feature the ladybird!

“Abusé? What a name for a wine!”

In 2003, the Domaine du Pech submitted one of their red wines to a collective tasting organised by a committee composed of (more conventional) wine-makers who are judges and are judged (100% neutral) to obtain a designation (AOC). But like many wines, it missed the AOC, because it was not representative enough of the “terroir” from Buzet region. That’s why Ludovic Bonnelle and Magali Tissot have called it, with humour, “Abusé”, which means in French “It is exaggerated”!

However, they have finally obtained the AOC designation.

This wine is the PERFECT image of its terroir, with its blend of Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Cabernet-Franc, it offers expressive aromas of blueberry, blackberry and black fruit, mingled with earthy, smoky and mineral notes. The palate is rich, generous, ripe and super juicy with the same type of flavours as on the nose with oak ageing nuances, enhanced by good acidity and integrated tannins.