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More on Biodynamics, what is preperation 500?

More on Biodynamics??

The infamous preparation 500, what is it and what does it do?

Known as cow horn manure, preparation 500 is basically fermented cow dung. It is the basis for soil fertility, and the renewal of degraded soils. It is usually the first preparation used during the change over to an organic or biodynamic system. Preparation 500 is made by filling a cow's horn with cow dung, and burying it in the soil during winter months.  Once dug up, the dung is transferred to a vessel containing water where it is ‘dynamised’ at a concentration of 25 grams of dung to 13 litres of water.  The water is stirred to create a vortex and the dung added in the centre.  This dynamic, life giving solution is then sprayed in the vineyard usually in Oct, Nov and then Feb, March as a natural alternative to chemical fertilizer.  Although the cause of ridicule by some biodynamic detractors this preparation has been shown to improve the microbial life in the soil.


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The winemaker, Gonzalo Gonzalo is a legend (and not just for his name) because he has proved that you can make a fantastic biodynamic Rioja at an affordable price. The nose and flavours are an intoxicating combination of red and dark berries, faint lavender (or violets) and a slightly earthy edge. The herbacious flavours gives the wine a slight green finish with a little spice, while the tannin and acidity cry out for some red meat!

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