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Spring Wine, Biodynamics, Raw and a bike ride!

Spring Wines, Biodynamics, Raw and a Bike ride!

At this time of year, we have experienced just a whiff of fresh spring air once or twice and a hint of warmth from the sun.  It is a great time of year, the fingers start to thaw, energy surges back into your body and you feel like getting outside and breathing it all in.  It is also a time of year when the mind or should I say the palate turns to fresh young wines.  At this time, plenty of new vintages start to emerge and there is some excited anticipation (in the trade at least) to finally taste what bounty the previous years harvest has bestowed upon us.

This is a wonderful time for new young white wines from Biodynamic and natural growers.  (New reds tend to arrive a little later in the year) Fresh from the vat, you can almost still taste the wild fermenting yeast and the fruit flavours are alive and dancing on your tongue.  At Buon Vino, we tend to think of our wines as being a living evolving thing.  The vintage is its conception, becoming wine in the cellar is its birth (Nicolas Joly Godfather of Biodynamic production refers to his cellar as a 'womb'!).  The wines arrive in youth, mature and evolve in bottle displaying different personalities as they become more experienced and complex and then finally start to tire and eventually die.  In this way, a bottle of wine is like a human being!

Biodynamics always yields wines that are alive.  Leaving nature to do its thing yields a grape that it is balance and harmony rather than a grape struggling to live as a result of artificial and chemical interference.  See below two images of grape sugar cells which clearly show this difference.  The grape to the left is healthy and alive and shows nature's intricate beauty.  The grape to the right is decaying, unbalanced with no defined pattern.

Healthy grape sugar from a Biodynamic vineyard
Grape from conventionally farmed vineyard










So we propose trying some new wines which really taste alive over the Easter period whilst sitting down with your family and enjoying some delicious local spring lamb and a well earned rest after working hard since Christmas (seems a long time ago!).

  • Lugana Ca Lojera 2014 - Dry, crispy, zesty and fresh.
  • Rivaner Clos des Eglantieres Bastian 2014 - Dry, citrus, grapefruit, zingy acidity
  • Poivre d'Ane Blanc 2013 (Rolle, Grenache, Rousanne) - Wild, exotic, alive and tingly on the tongue.
  • Petillant Naturel La Vie Danse (Life is dancing!) 2012 - Excitable young natural fizz where the whole of the fermentation has taken place in the bottle, unsulphured and unfiltered.
  • Tir a Blanc Casot de Mailolles 2014 - From Banyuls, this amazing wild and funky white wine made in tiny quantity is pure spring time in a glass.
  • Cuvee des Galets Rouges 2014 - Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, our superb house red from Lirac abounds with natural fruitiness and youthful exuberance.
  • Tragolargo Monastrel 2013 - Young fresh un-sulphured red from Alicante
  • Canta Manana Casot de Mailloles 2014 - Rose like you have never tasted the sunshine and spring aromas leap out of the glass.
  • Rose d’Une Nuit Chateau La Coste 2014 – Biodynamic Grenache from Provence that spends one night with the skins to extract the lovely pinky hue and delicate red berry flavours.
  • La Poudre d'Escampette 2014 – Un-sulphured Grenache from Banyuls. You will have to hurry to get a bottle of this incredible natural wine, only a few cases available in the whole of the UK!

We will have these open to taste periodically throughout April, keep an eye on our Facebook page for what's on taste.

Lastly, and on a slightly different tack, it has been drawn to the attention of Buon Vino that our lovely little community swimming pool is short of funds.  Like me, I am sure everyone in Settle highly values this local facility and many have enjoyed watching their children take their first strokes there and learn to become keen little swimmers.  We need to keep it going!  So I have decided to combine leg power and natural wine to raise a few pounds for the Friends of Settle Pool.  In May, I will be cycling non-stop to the best Natural Wine Fair in the UK called RAW.  It's in London by the way, and 270 miles away!  Please appreciate my efforts by donating a pound or two to this local cause.  You can do so in the shop or on-line via our Facebook page.  Many thanks.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday.

Happy Slurping

Robert Bagot