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When is a pig not a pig?

Gran Cerdo Gran Cerdo

When it’s a symbol of biodynamic wine, of course! Inelegant, plump and totally at home in its own filth; this unlikely animal has come to represent something of an ideal here at Buon Vino. Now stay with me here, I’m not for one moment suggesting that our wine is filth – far from it, but the affectionately nicknamed ‘pig wine’ Gran Cerdo, has found itself a firm favourite on our shelves, in our glasses and in our hearts. At exceptional value, the sarcastic labeling is hardly prepossessing, but pop that cork and inside is a lively, fruity Tempranillo, untainted by oak, and produced in small quantities with the greatest respect for the land.
Gonzalo Gonzalo, who produces the wine is as whacky as his name would suggest, going as far as labeling his 2013 vintage “2012+1” to avoid bad luck, and rejecting the Rioja appellation with all it stands for. His project is not a grand (or should I say, gran) corporate, money-making scheme, but is a philosophy neatly summed up on the back of the bottle: “the best things in life cannot be impounded”. Perhaps it would do us all good to be a little less ‘sheep’ and a little more ‘pig’. For us at Buon Vino, we love the quirkiness behind the bottle, and we love the wholehearted rejection of the mainstream, but most of all, we love the wine. Full of bright berry flavours, hints of lavender and a slightly earthy edge, Gran Cerdo proves that you do not need to break the bank to enjoy a superb natural Tempranillo. With a glass of this and a platter of charcuterie, you’ll be as happy as a pig in...

Dave, Buon Vino