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April going's on.....

This month we have selected a few natural beauties from the Languedoc for you to get your taste buds into.  The Languedoc is awash with wine but not many are as distinctive as Fred Porro's and few have the same story of determination over adversity behind their production.   The new vintages are in and so this month's mixed case is from Monsieur Porro's domaine.
It is Spring in the vineyards and buds are bursting as the vines are well and truly coming to life after their winter's hibernation.  Step into a natural vineyard at this time of year and you are overcome with the aromas of spring flowers and vegetation as the place just oozes life, it is an intoxicating experience that lifts both body and mind, no wander these natural wine makers are so happy, it's not just all the booze!
I visited Claudio Panetta's vineyard in Campania (Pic below, that's old man Cancelliere by the way, still works the vines in his mid seventies) at this time of year, it was 25 degrees in the vines (although Claudio also gets snow sometimes in April and temp differences of 30 degrees between night and day) and the place was literally buzzing with activity and the feeling of nature.

Spring time in the vineyard

Another vineyard which oozes life is the tiny domaine of Alain Castex in the Roussillon (Pic below) overlooking the Mediterranean and surrounded only by woodland and pure sea air.  Alain's biodynamic wines express a rare vitality and vinosity with aromas that leap out of the glass and a palate so natural and life giving that one bottle seems to go in mere minutes.  These wines drink like spring water on a hot summers day.   The new vintages are in, tiny quantities but yummy wines.  Here's a few thoughts from the horses mouth!

The Vines of Alain Castex, Roussillon

'Despite a slight lack of water and smaller-sized grapes, 2016 has generated beautiful wines. After a dry spring and a very hot summer, grapes had difficulties to grow large and required more time to ripen. However, thanks to Alain’s knowledge and experience, the situation was handle well and create wonderful wines. The 2016 vintage has created a superb “Tir a Blanc”, since the late maturity of the grapes favoured acidity and rich aromas. “Poudre d’Escampette & Ezo” are well-balanced and “Canta Manana” is stunning. Owing to the size of grapes, available quantities will be smaller than last year, but the wines will remain elegant, rich and delicious!'

Keep an eye out for some delicious new wines on the way from ace natural producer Vanni at Cinque Campi in Emilia Romagna, old fashioned dry Lambrusco, Spergola and more.....

Happy slurping.

Rob - Owner Buon Vino