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How to choose the right wine for storage.

How to Choose the Right Storage for Your Wine

For wine fans, a mere 3x3 wine rack simply isn’t enough to hold their collection.  Once you start collecting wine, you start to understand that fine wine needs more than a shelf in the kitchen cupboard or a rack in the pantry.  There are different options for storing wine so what are they and how do you decide what is right for your collection?

Wine racks

If you have the space, then you can go as big as you want with wine racks – those neat little versions you find in the supermarkets are really the babies of the family.  Wine racks can also come in different formats and styles that allow you a degree of personalisation, ideal if you plan to have some on show in your kitchen or dining room.  Some wine fans even have custom made wine racks created to handle non-standard bottle sizes and shapes.

Wine refrigerators

Wine refrigerators are a specialist piece of equipment that allows you to maintain the right temperature for your bottles.  Different types of wine are ideally stored at slightly different temperatures so if you have different types of wine, it can be ideal to have a refrigerator for each one.  Ideal temperatures are:

  • Red – 12-19 degrees
  • White – 8-12 degrees
  • Champagne – 5-8 degrees

You can buy refrigerators that are under counter sized to store some wines in the kitchen for easy consumption and also find larger cabinet styles that are perfect for those bottles that you have acquired but have no immediate plans to enjoy.

Wine cellars

Should you have space under your home, then, without a doubt, a wine cellar is the best way to store wine.  Not only can you manage the temperature better in these spaces but can also look at humidity, which can dry out the corks in a bottle.  You can even ensure that the space is free from UV light, which damages wine and that the room is relatively undisturbed so there are no vibrations to spoil the bottle’s contents.

In order to properly age wine, it is best to keep it in a situation where there is no movement, a consistent temperature and humidity and also that it is safe.  After all, if you invest your money in quality, fine wine, you want to keep it safe and the prospect of wine theft is sadly a real one.

Professional wine storage

If you find you have a good collection but don’t have the right place to keep it, then another option is to use a professional wine storage company.  These companies offer dedicated wine storage space that creates the perfect conditions for wine to mature while allowing you to relax and be certain that your collection is behind the best security systems.

Enjoying your collection

Whether you plan to drink, sell or simply enjoy viewing your collection, getting the right storage is key to long term success.  Whether you store it at home or in a dedicated wine storage facility is entirely up to you but do plan ahead because wine collecting is addictive and your collection is bound to grow.