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The A-Z of Wine: A- Aglianico

In this mini-series, we’ll be working our way through the alphabet, looking at some famous grapes, wines, and other associated terms. For our first foray into the world of wine, we’ve gone with Aglianico – a grape sometimes referred to as the Barolo of the South.

Traditionally found in the deep South of Italy, such as Campania and Puglia, Aglianico is a variety which ripens very late, and produces structured, high tannin wines with an intense minerality, whilst still managing to preserve fruitiness. The most famous wine made with this grape variety is Taurasi, which has long ageing potential and real class.

As climate change rolls on, more regions are looking to late-ripening varieties that previously would have struggled to ripen properly in cooler climates, and so Aglianico is beginning to spread, and can now be found further North in Italy, and indeed some New World producers are experimenting with it.

Although not particularly well known in the UK compared to its northern counterparts, it is a grape we are sure to see more of in years to come, and one that is well worth a try for lovers of hearty, Mediterranean reds.