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Just call me Bubbles, darling! -Why we're sold on Pet Nat

Pet Nat is one of the recent crazes in the wine world. Short for Pétillant Naturel, which is French for natural fizz, this form of bubbles is delighting fans of Prosecco and Champagne alike, and we’re seeing more weird and wonderful incarnations cropping up.

How is Pet Nat different to other fizz?

With most other sparkling wines, the liquid undergoes two fermentations. The first is to create a base wine, before the yeast and sugar is topped up and a second fermentation takes place under pressure. With Champagne and most English sparkling wines, the second fermentation takes place in the bottle, followed by a long ageing in bottle before the dead yeast is removed and the resulting sparkling wine is resealed. For Proseccos, Cavas etc, the second fermentation usually happens in a pressurised tank. With Pet Nat, the wine is bottled during the first (and only) fermentation, and the carbon dioxide produced is therefore trapped in the bottle. This produces a much lighter, fresher style of fizz, that’s often a bit lower in alcohol. Most Pet Nats will be sold with the yeast still in the bottle, which makes them slightly cloudy, but all the more appealing as far as we’re concerned! That also means that they are generally free of sulphites, and are usually vegan friendly!

Why we love Pet Nat?

Aside from the fact it’s a much more authentic way of producing fizz, with lower intervention (though still requiring considerable skill from the winemaker!), it is capable of producing delicious wine that is often infinitely more characterful than a Prosecco, but much cheaper than Champagne or equivalent. It’s lighter in terms of alcohol and slightly less fizzy, so easier to enjoy at any time. Whilst it originated in Gaillac and Limoux in the South West of France, we’re seeing an increasing range from across the wine world, as well as delicious poolside Pet Nats made from grapes such as Gamay, for a lively, fruity experience.

Pet Nats are great on their own for an afternoon in the sun, as an aperitif – or try with a cheese board to cleanse your palate. Browse our range of Pet Nats here.