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    Magnum Barbaste Mas des Agrunelles - leave a review, win a magnum of wineWe go large portions to say thank you for reviews! If you have something to say about any wines you have bought from us and you leave a review, then you automatically go in the regular prize draw to win a Magnum of wine. This time it's a Magnum of Barbaste, a beautiful biodynamic, low sulphur, dry white wine that is perfect for summer drinking. Quick leave your review(s) as a winner will be picked from the reviews on Friday the 13th (Lucky for someone!) Cheers!

  • So loads of people keep asking me about vegan wine and often the question is 'is organic wine vegan?' or 'is vegan wine organic, does natural wine necessarily make it ok for vegans' etc etc.

    So here is how it breaks down. Continue reading

  • We get some nice feedback from our customers and their wine drinking experience, i am jealous of this one!!

    On holiday on Skye. Near perfect match - lobsters, Ca Lojera, and a view of Loch Dunvegan.

    John Altrincham

    Customer dropped me a mail with this photo! Customer dropped me a mail with this photo!

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