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General chatter about wine, and other news.
  • So, Christmas is over, and before you know it, card shops and florists galore are jumping on the Valentine’s bandwagon to make you and your loved one feel special for a day. We, as a wine shop, are no exception. But we would like to help you in your exploits by providing you with a guide to aphrodisiac foods and what to pair with them. Even if the sensual slime of an oyster can’t get your pulse racing, you are bound to be feeling amorous after a glass or two of bubbly. Sit back, relax and let us take care of the menu for you. Continue reading

  • When trying to find someone a bottle of wine to take away with them, I usually ask what style of wine they prefer. A response I quite often get is “I like dry whites, like Sauvignon Blanc, not sweet ones like Chardonnay”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this response, as it gives me a pretty good idea on what the customer is looking for, though probe a little further, and those commonly used winespeak terms ‘dry’ and ‘sweet’ can cause problems in communication, particularly when it comes to whites. Continue reading

  • A big question, there is quite a lot to know but basically Orange wine is made from white grapes but in the way they make red wine.  It breaks down this like.  All wine is made from the juice of the grape and virtually all juice is clear (a handful of exceptions have pink pulp like Alicante Buschet, Moscato Rosa and Gamay Chaudenay, we have a beautiful example of that one from Julien Courtois!).  To make red they squeeze out the juice from the red grapes but then add the skins back in to extract the red colour from the skin.  To make white they squeeze out the juice, discard the white skins and then ferment just the clear juice.  To make Orange, they squeeze out the juice from the white grapes but then add the skins back in.  White grapes have a bit of colour pigment in the skins, more or less depending on the grape, (Pinot Grigio for example when ripe has quite a pink hue hence the name, Sauvignon Blanc, much paler) and so the skin contact imparts an orange or rusty appearance to the wine.  But that's not all..... Continue reading

  • MADE IN BRITAIN - English Wine Week, - 28th May - 4th June

    Why, where wine is concerned, this is no longer the badge of shame it used to be!

    If you were to offer a glass of English wine to a Frenchman (or woman), they’d quite possibly wet themselves laughing. Bad enough offering them a glass of Italian wine, but English? That said, the English wine scene is currently undergoing an explosion not seen since the arrival of the Normans in 1066: our sparkling wines are rivalling Champagne, our whites are found on the lists at top restaurants around the country, our reds are giving the Burgundians a run for their money and our pinks are proving a massive hit. Even the Welsh are at it now! Continue reading

  • At Buon Vino, we aim to offer you unique wines made by artisan producers who look for the authentic flavours, who make their products with respect for the environment and for wine lovers! In our shop, we have a fantastic range of biodynamic, organic and natural wines from all over the world, for all budgets.  We know the products and their producers and that’s why we want to offer you the best service, the best advice and the best products we can and make you feel comfortable while purchasing the wine that right for you! Continue reading

  • There was a great article in Decanter this month about natural wines.  The For and Against camps putting their various arguments, bit like Labour and Tory but more interesting and with genuine difference of opinion!    I have to say that I am in the For camp although with the proviso that the wine actually tastes good.  I disagree or rather I am disappointed with David Gleave MW who emblazoned his Liberty trade list with the words ‘you won’t find any of the so-called natural wines on our list!’  More the pity as they have a lot to offer and I think this attitude is representative of an excellent wine importer who’s portfolio is becoming sadly more and more boring and one dimensional. Continue reading

  • "Life is too short to drink  bad wine!"

    "If penicillin can cure those that are ill, Spanish sherry can bring the dead back to life."
    Sir Alexander Fleming

    "Wine is the most civilized thing in the world."  Ernest Hemingway Continue reading

  • Here are some superb new wines exclusive to Buon Vino.

    Fracassi’s Favorita is a lovely delicate sunshine wine. Continue reading


    By Brian elliott March 13, 2011 SCOTLANDonSUNDAY

    It is 25 years since the opening of a McDonald’s in Rome prompted the start of the slow food movement. Championing ethics, ecology, gastronomy and regional products, its membership has grown to 100,000 spread across 150 countries. Although only 2,000 of those members are in the UK, there are a dozen “branches” in Scotland. Continue reading

  • Il Paradiso di Frassina comprises 9 ha of vines, all red, and all planted in 2000-2001 by Carlo Cignozzi, a retired lawyer (and former national swimming champion) who funded this venture by selling his shares in the Brunello producer Altesino. Continue reading

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