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Spotlight on Producers

  • English Wine and why you should be drinking it now…

    Seemingly English wine has been a fairly recent craze, however there have been vines planted on English soils since at least the Roman times! Whether we can blame it on climate change or a general rise in wanting to buy local, we're seeing more and more of it, and England is now producing some 6 million bottles a year, including some world-class sparkling wines, elegant Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays and an increasing range of other grapes and styles, even Pet Nat and English Orange Wine.

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  • REAL WINE MONTH is an exciting, innovative promotion of organic, biodynamic and natural wines made by artisan growers from all over the world. The growers are all showing their wines at the incredible REAL WINE FAIR in London on Sunday May 12th and Monday May 13th.

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  • It seems that everyone has quickly forgotten about the horse meat lasagne scandal of recent times, yet the Austrian anti-freeze antics of 1985 have tainted the reputation of Austrian wine to this day. Whilst no reported incidents came from these wines, it caused a near collapse of the Austrian wine market, as sales plummeted as far as 90%. Over 30 years later and people still bring it up as they browse the Gruner Veltliners, despite stringent additive rules being brought in across Europe.

    Fortunately, Austrian wine has massively upped its game, and you'll now find world-class Rieslings, peppery Gruners and a range of excellent reds at a pretty accessible price! Continue reading

  • Out of Africa - Wild Wines by Craig Hawkins - South Africa's Natural Wine Pioneer.


    Not just wacky labels, but an artisan small producer making natural wine who had his experimental 2011 Cortez rejected by the South African Wine and Spirits Board for being too natural:
    "The very first wine I ever made for myself was a 6-week skin macerated white wine (now called orange wines) from a 46-year-old Chenin Blanc vineyard on Lammershoek in the Swartland. It was beautiful. I loved it in all ways possible, it had soft tannins, a nose like nothing I had smelt before and it looked like liquid gold. I was in love, like a mother would be of her first born. I managed in time to scrape enough money together.....  Continue reading

  • Natural Wine Burgundy

    Athenais de Beru

    Although some are not convinced by natural wines, most people agree that the wines made by Athenais at the magnificent Chateau de Beru in Chablis are pretty amazing and delicious.  When you visit the Chateau, you are awed by the grandeur of the place; this is very obviously old aristocratic France and the family name which is that of the small Hamlet where the Chateau is located goes back centuries.  Continue reading

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