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Wine faults

  • When I first started learning about wine, I was told that cloudy appearance in a wine is a fault, yet we are becoming more and more accustomed to seeing a bit of haze in our glass. So what is it that makes a wine cloudy? And perhaps more importantly, what makes a wine clear?

    Wine in its purest form will be cloudy. The dead yeast from the fermentation and sediment from the pressed grapes will all contribute to the haze. Over the years, winemakers have developed ways to clarify the liquid to make it more presentable as, particularly with whites, some people find translucency to be off-putting. These are generally separated into two categories: fining and filtration. Continue reading

  • Wine etiquette is an absolute minefield, and cork taint can strike at any time. You always see in movies that moment where the waiter in a fancy restaurant hands the customer a freshly popped cork to smell to make sure they are happy, and the customer usually has no idea what to do. What the waiter wants you to look for is cork taint. Continue reading

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