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Buon Vino Natural Wine Blog

  • Savennieres Les Vieux Clos 2009 Nicolas Joly £32.00 Buy now on line

    Savennieres Les Vieux Clos 2009 Savennieres Les Vieux Clos 2009

    The story of Clos de la Coulée de Serrant is unique. Planted in the 12th century by the Cistercian monks, the domaine experienced successive owners until it was bought by the Joly family in 1962. Nicolas Joly only took over the estate in 1977 when he suddenly returned home after several years spent working for JP Morgan in New York and in Canada, and decided to become a winemaker. Continue reading

  • Atanasius Gut Oggau 2010 £17.95 Buy now on-line

    Atanasius Gut Oggau Atanasius Gut Oggau

    Gut Oggau is a 13 hectares Austrian wine estate located in the province of Burgenland by the Lake Neusiedl. The estate is today run by Eduard Tscheppe  – son of a winemaker – and his wife Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck – daughter of a 2 Michelin stars Austrian restaurant owner –  who took over the estate several years ago.  Continue reading

  • Chateau Le Puy Blanc Marie Cecile 2011 £36.00 buy now on-line

    Buy now on-line Chateau le Puy Marie Cecile 2011

    The 100% Semillon fruit for hedonistic white wine comes from the "Plateau des Merveilles" (plateau of wonders) which is the same plateau as Saint-Emilion and Pommerol. The vines are planted on Silica-clay soil with clay-chalk subsoil and the vines are 55 years old. The combination of poor soils, free drainage, old vines and biodynamic production means the vines have a naturally very low yield of only 16hl/ha. This is seriously high quality fruit and enables Jean Pierre to make the wine with no sulphur added at bottling at all. Continue reading

  • Chateau Le Puy 2009 £30.00 Buy now on-line

    Buy on line from Buon Vino

    Chateau Le Puy make honest Claret. They don't speculate in the open market despite the fact that the wines can fetch incredibly high prices as they become rarer (two bottles of 1961 Le Puy sold earlier in the year at the Connaught Hotel for £8000 a piece!).  The current release price means the stunning 2009 can be had for a mere £30 a bottle  This is a wine that will age for 50 years, (and who knows what it will be worth then!)  Lesser known than the big estates of Lafite or Rosthchild perhaps, but in every way their equal in terms of quality.  In terms of finesse, Le Puy may even surpass these famous wines and in terms of sincerity, it definitely does! Continue reading

  • Bellugue Rose Chateau La Coste 2012 £18.95 Buy now on-line

    More about Chateau La Coste on youtube......Chateau La Coste, Provence

    Bellugue Rose Bellugue Rose

    Chateau la Cost is owned by the Irishman Paddy McKillen and hasn't lacked investment since he bought it in 2002.  This stunningly beautiful estate combines art, architucture and a passionate repsect for nature with its commercial wine production. Continue reading

  • Barolo 10 Anni di Botte 2000 Sandri £55.00 Buy now on-line

    Barolo 10 Anni di Botte Sandri 2000

    Barolo 2000, a fabulous result for Cascina Disa, the weather brought the best out of the terroir and Elio decided to pay hommage top this exceptional year by making a small amount of exceptional wine.  Continue reading

  • Barolo Riserva Cascina Disa 2005 Sandri £44 (buy now on-line)

    Barolo Riserva Cascina Disa 2005 Sandri

    The two main valleys of the incredible Barolo area have significantly different microclimates with produce different expressions of the noble Nebbiolo grape.  Continue reading

  • Mas Nicot White 2010 £12.95  (Buy this wine on-line)

    Mas Nicot Blanc 2010

    Mas Nicot is run by Stéphanie Nicot, a great ambassador for naturally produced wines showing that it can be done on a small scale and without making wines that cost the earth.  Continue reading

  • Prosecco Sottoriva Malibran NV £14.95 (Buy this wine on-line)

    The beautifully manicured rolling hills of the northern Veneto between the Po Valley and Venice to the south and the Dolomite mountains to the north lies the region of Valdobbiadene where they grow the Prosecco (also known as Glera) grape variety (yes it is a grape, not just the name of a wine) and produce the sparkling wine of the same name that has over the last 15 years taken the UK market by storm. Continue reading

  • Lagvinari Lagvini 2011 Isabelle Legeron MV £21  (buy at Buon Vino)

    LAGVINARI Lagvini is a fascinating ORANGE WINE made from 100% Rkatsiteli, an indigenous Georgian variety.  It is made in a traditional Kvevri, the amphorae shaped clay pot that was the first ever wine fermentation vessel used thousands of years ago in Georgia which was likely to be the birth place of grape wine. Continue reading

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