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Buon Vino Natural Wine Blog

  • The team at Josmeyer before Jean's death (right) The team at Josmeyer

    Domaine Josmeyer was founded in 1854 by restaurant owner Aloyse Meyer who set about building on his links with the wine trade. Since then, the estate has passed through 5 generations of the Meyer family, with Jean Meyer - responsible for most of the wines we stock today - taking over in 1966. In 2000 he switched the entire estate to organic and biodynamic culture. He is credited with elevating the estate to one of Alsace’s greats, and with injecting the wines with their unique sense of cultural place by combining his love of contemporary art with his produce. After his death earlier this year, his daughters Celine and Isabelle took over running of the estate. Continue reading

  • A recent to Campania to meet Claudio Panetta from Il Cancelliere led to the discovery of three more fantastic little natural wineries in the region.  Three days of tasting, talking, eating, drinking and enjoying the 25 degree heat (end of March!) and i decided to buy a few bottles of these authentic Campanian white wines.  Three artisan producers, Cantina del Barone, Cantina dell'Angelo and I Cacciagalli, three classic Campanian white grapes, Fiano, Greco and Falanghina, (with a little red Piedirosso thrown in!)............ Continue reading

  • MADE IN BRITAIN - English Wine Week, - 28th May - 4th June

    Why, where wine is concerned, this is no longer the badge of shame it used to be!

    If you were to offer a glass of English wine to a Frenchman (or woman), they’d quite possibly wet themselves laughing. Bad enough offering them a glass of Italian wine, but English? That said, the English wine scene is currently undergoing an explosion not seen since the arrival of the Normans in 1066: our sparkling wines are rivalling Champagne, our whites are found on the lists at top restaurants around the country, our reds are giving the Burgundians a run for their money and our pinks are proving a massive hit. Even the Welsh are at it now! Continue reading

  • For the past 5 years Rob Bagot has been championing bio-dynamic wine from his shop, Buon Vino, in Settle.  Over a bottle at his ‘tasting table’ I asked him about the principles behind bio-dynamic viticulture.

    Rob recalled how he had an epiphany at the Real Wine Fair in London a few years ago.”I stuck my nose in a glass of Tir a Blanc Le Casot de Mailloles 2014 and the aromas erupted out of the glass and it tasted alive.” A Gaillac Causse Marines that followed had a similar effect.”It was right there, the decision was made.  Rob said it was quite simple “I knew I wanted these wines in my shop.” Continue reading

  • Real Wine is Real People - By Dave Weale

    As Real Wine Month approaches, I found myself writing draft blogs that all harped on about, well, real wine. That seems fairly natural, I hear you say, but that wasn’t really the direction I wanted to go down. This is not because I don’t thoroughly enjoy harping on about all things natural, and the benefits of low sulphur in wine - just pop into the shop and ask me and I’ll be more than happy to harp - but it struck me that Real Wine Month is about more than just what’s in the bottle. Continue reading

  • Words have always been a source of fascination for me, and unsurprisingly, the world of wine is full of quite specific vocabulary that can seem a little pretentious at times. On my WSET course I have been surprised to find out just how difficult it is to describe a wine using ‘official’ terminology, and whilst it has been immensely helpful training my palate to look for certain things, I can’t help but wonder if that perpetuates the sort of snobbery that people perceive around wine. Continue reading

  • Body: Because wines have weight issues too!

    Full-bodied, fleshy, great legs and handles food well – no, I’m not referring to domestic goddess Nigella Lawson (how dare you suggest such a thing). These are terms that wine people use all the time when talking about a wine and body is often one of the first things we look for. But what is body, and what is it that gives a wine body? It certainly can’t be defined in the same way as the human body, even if some of the terms cross-over.

    Full bodied wine, what it is? Full bodied wine, what it is?

    Continue reading

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  • 10514225_10153578711384463_5576567577170584624_oThe wine industry, like most others, is not immune to the tidal force that we have come to call ‘fashion’. Chardonnay is one wine particularly which once enjoyed the Big-Brother style fame and fortune, then to be cruelly dropped by the public in favour of less oaky alternatives. Its image has never quite recovered, not helped by TV characters such as Kath and Kim who like to enjoy their glass of ‘Kardonnay’ (so-pronounced because of the French silent ‘h’) whilst arguing about the pros and cons of a ‘monogamy’ kitchen table. As hilarious as the show may be, it does highlight the impact that perception can have on the wine industry. Continue reading

  • Gran Cerdo Gran Cerdo

    When it’s a symbol of biodynamic wine, of course! Inelegant, plump and totally at home in its own filth; this unlikely animal has come to represent something of an ideal here at Buon Vino. Now stay with me here, I’m not for one moment suggesting that our wine is filth – far from it, but the affectionately nicknamed ‘pig wine’ Gran Cerdo, has found itself a firm favourite on our shelves, in our glasses and in our hearts. At exceptional value, the sarcastic labeling is hardly prepossessing, but pop that cork and inside is a lively, fruity Tempranillo, untainted by oak, and produced in small quantities with the greatest respect for the land. Continue reading

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