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Brunello di Montalcino Paradiso di Frassina 2012/15

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One Line Description Brunello di Montalcino Paradiso di Frassina, Organic Wine, Sangiovese, rich and opulent: grown to the soundtrack of Mozart!
Production Method Organic
Country Italy Italian
Region Tuscany, Italy
Producer Paradiso di Frassina
Vintage 2015
Wine Type Red Wine
Wine Style Full bodied
Grape Blend 100% Sangiovese Grosso, Brunello Morellino
Alcohol 14% abv
Terroir Loamy-clay on cooler, North facing vineyards for more refined styles
Maturation 3 years in old barrels
Annual Production 5 - 10,000 bottles
Ageing Potential 10 years plus
Production Detail Organic production, music is played to the vines. Only the best grapes are selected for this wine


Brunello di Montalcino Paradiso di Frassina, Organic Wine, Sangiovese, rich and opulent: grown to the soundtrack of Mozart! This is genuinely unique, an organic winery based on the playing of classical music to the vines. Gian Carlo Cignozzi believes Music helps grapes and vines to be healthy. He plays Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi among other things and the vines nearest to the speakers are the healthiest and ripen the earliest. Cignozzi is considered something of an eccentric by his peers in Montalcino but his success is undeniable, and there is a growing body of research which supports the idea that vines respond to particular frequencies in music. The wines are beautiful and the 35 000 bottles he produces are sold every year without a problem. Carlo's Brunello, the flagship wine comes from the Cru hillside Montosoli to the north of Montalcino. The vines are in some cases over 70 years old and the vigour is restricted by their age and micro climate of the vineyard. The production is only 10-12 thousand bottles a year and will be classified as Brunello or Brunello Riserva depending on the quality of the vintage (which is reflected in the price). Riserva or not, Carlo is a traditionalist and uses no new oak barrels in the ageing process, preferring the subtlety of large old botti for the 'affinamento.' The wine ages for 3 years in 5-25 hecto-litre barrels and then a further 18 months before release. Trust me when I tell you, the wine will age beautifully for at least another 10 years in the bottle! 100% Sangiovese, rich, ripe, opulent! The wine is big and bold but not clumsy or overly extracted. Brunello like great Amarone and Barolo should be elegant as well as powerful and the wine from Paradiso certainly is. Dark fruits, fresh mosses and earth, forest fruits and some floral notes on the nose lead to a rich and full palate. Delicious wine and an Italian classic from truly one of the most unusual vineyards in Italy!

Paradiso di Frassina is situated 5 km from Montalcino, in a secluded position but within easy reach of the town. It is owned and run by Giancarlo Cignozzi who previously was involved with the development of such well known producers as Altesino and Caparzo. After working for many years with other producers Giancarlo decided to go it alone and found the beautiful little estate called Frassina. Surrounded by an amphitheatre of vineyards, the old stone house Paradiso di Frassina is a beautifully restored monument to the age old traditions of Tuscan wine making. The estate now comprises of 4.5 hectares of vines including 1 hectare at the top of the famous cru hilltop, Montosoli with its 70 year old vines. Giancarlo is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection in perfect symbiosis with nature. He was awarded organic certification in 2008 after 9 years of developing his organic vineyard based on playing music to the vines. This pioneering work has been such a success that it has attracted the attention of the University of Florence who are now carrying out studies to evaluate the effect of music on vine health and grape quality!


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  1. How good is this wine?

    John A29/02/2016

    An excellent wine, worthy of a special occasion. Long, welcoming and complex.

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