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Cariglio Terre Nobili Lidia Matera 2016/17

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One Line Description Cariglio Terre Nobili Lidia Matera, organic wine, 100% Magliocco, rare grape from Calabria, Rich, round, oozing southern intensity and sweet spice.
Production Method Organic
Country Italy Italian
Region Calabria, Italy
Producer Terre Nobili
Vintage 2016
Wine Type Red Wine
Wine Style Full bodied
Grape Blend 80% Magliocco Dolce, 20% Magliocco Canino
Alcohol 14.5% abv
Maturation 6 months in stainless steal tanks
Annual Production 10 - 20,000 bottles
Ageing Potential Very good young and tends to get drunk young but i think given 5 years, it will be a very different and delicious wine.
Production Detail Organic, green harvesting, very low yield, no oak ageing


Cariglio Terre Nobili Lidia Matera, organic wine, 100% Magliocco, rare grape from Calabria, Rich, round, oozing southern intensity and sweet spice. If you going to a dinner party and you want to take a bottle that doesn't break the bank but will have everyone raising an eyebrow when they taste it then go for Cariglio. The flavour and texture is unique. It is both modern in its full body and up front fruitiness but also traditional Italian with its high acidity and provenance, one of the old autocthonous varieties of southern Italy that nobody has heard of! Beautifully balanced for a wine of such intensity, this is for those who just can t resist big red wines and hearty steaks!

Lidia Matera is quite a character, she greets you with a big smile, a warm embrace and always very keen to pour her wine for you to taste. Her small wine farm is based in the Valle del Crati, a small bowl shaped valley in the northern part of Calabria where summer temperatures are will peak at close to 40 degrees and the sun shines constantly. Here Lidia grows local varieties Magliocco Dolce and Canino and also Nerello Mascalese, a grape more associated with Mount Etna in Sicily. Her vineyard is organic and she achieves a level of ripeness which produces exceptionally rich and opulent wines which in the best years also have a creaminess and mouth feel which makes very impressive. The sweet flavours of south come through, dark fruits, prune, blackberry, and sweet spices, vanilla, notes of liquorice and chocolate can be found in all the wines. These are full bodied wines for those who like big bold flavours and deep colours. The Cariglio and Ipazia are fresher as they don't see any oak, the Alarico is bigger and bolder with more toastiness. Lidia also makes a very full bodied white from Greco Bianco which with some Moroccan style food with spices and fruits is superb.


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    Myself and a few friends had a meal out a Theo Randall's at the Inter Continental and the sommelier recommended this to go with our main course and he was right it complimented the meal perfectly, so much that it is so easy to drink we had another.
    I searched high and low for it but not many people stock it as its not a mass produced wine due to the grape, BV had a case so after speaking with them they were very helpful I ordered and they arrived the next day very well packaged.

    We split half the bottles with our friends and cant wait to crack open the first one to experience it again (just a shame Theo cant pop round to cook instead of me having to do it!)


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