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Doorly's 5YO Barbados Rum

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Additional Information

Producer Foursquare
Alcohol Rum - 40% abv
Country Barbados
Maturation 5 years in oak casks
One Line Description Vibrant, sweet and warm golden rum from the Doorly's range


Golden rum aged for 5 years, with notes of dried tropical fruits, coconut and oak, finishing with a lingering butternut vanilla taste.
Vibrant, sweet and warm. From the Foursquare Distillery which is run by family owned R.L Seale and Co. The distillery is one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly rum distilleries in the world. The Macaws on the front represent the increasing rarity of their range, with the near-extinct Spix Macaw embodying their top 12 year old rum.
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