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Doron Marzemino Passito Eugenio Rosi NV 375ml HALF BOTTLE

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Additional Information

One Line Description Doron Marzemino Passito Eugenio Rosi NV 375ml, biodynamic, low sulphur dessert wine, amazing, gorgeous, 'Vino di Uve Stramature!'
Production Method Natural, Organic, Biodynamic
Country Italy Italian
Region Trentino, Italy
Producer Eugenio Rosi
Vintage Non Vintage
Wine Type Dessert Wine
Wine Style Full bodied
Grape Blend 100% Marzemino
Alcohol 13% abv
Maturation 2 years in oak, chestnut and cherry barrels.
Annual Production 0 - 5,000 bottles
Ageing Potential A long time.
Production Detail Made from dried grapes, biodynamic production
Natural Features Vegan


Doron Marzemino Passito Eugenio Rosi NV 375ml, biodynamic, low sulphur dessert wine, amazing, gorgeous, must buy! This is unique dessert wine made by a unique artisan. He generally crafts about 500 half bottles a year from the healthiest Marzemino grapes he can find which he then leaves on the vines and then dries on mats. Talk about jaw droppingly good Passito. The high acid Marzemino means that even with raisiny, pruney, caramel and coffee like concentration, there is lift and bite. This would be best with some of that rare jam they make from left over grape skins in wine producing areas spread on a little gorgonzola. 'Vino da Meditazione!' Total hedonism.

Eugenio Rosi really is one of the great's of artisan wine making, he thinks outside the box, goes his own way and defies convention, not least with his 'Jesus Christ' like appearance. He is one of the key figures in the 'Dolomitici organisation which promotes artisan and natural production in the Trentino. He is also the first inspirational artisan wine maker I ever met over a memorable dinner at 'Due Veneti' in Marylebone. We had several bottles of his beautiful Marzemino and Eugenio was disarmingly chatty and humble. Poiema is named after his daughter who was very ill at birth and nearly died. Now a healthy little girl, she helps Eugenio stick the labels on his bottles. Eugenio is also an integral part of the 'Dolomitici' organisation which is a group of thirteen artisan wine producers from the Trentino who have come together to promote natural, sustainable wine production in their region. The wines of Eugenio typify the Trentino but also the natural style of the artisan and to a certain extent the purity of imperfection. Wines like his are not the same very year, they taste different every time you open them and in what context. Natural wine is alive and non more so than the delicious bottles produced in tiny quantity by this natural wine guru.


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    Explosive flavours, soft, dense, rich but with a clean finish - unlike anything I've ever tasted. Buy it - but don't take the last bottle - I'd like it!

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