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Gran Cerdo Tempranillo Gonzalo Grijalba - Buon Vino Natural Wines
Please note: The image may not show the actual vintage available. Please check the product details for the actual vintage.

Gran Cerdo Tempranillo Gonzalo Grijalba 2019

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Additional Information

One Line Description Gran Cerdo Tempranillo Gonzalo Grijalba, best value natural red on the market! Natural wine, great flavours, no funkiness.
Production Method Natural
Country Spain Spanish
Producer Gonzalo Grijalba
Vintage 2019
Wine Type Red Wine
Wine Style Medium bodied
Grape Blend 100% Tempranillo
Alcohol 13.5%
Maturation Stainless steel
Annual Production 20 - 30,000 bottles
Ageing Potential Best drunk young!
Production Detail Whole bunch fermentation, no filtration, no stabilization and minimal sulphur, uber natural!
Natural Features Vegan, Unfined, Unfiltered


Gran Cerdo Tempranillo Gonzalo Grijalba, best value natural red on the market! Gran Cerdo is all about great natural wine with whole bunch fermentation, light filtration, no stabilisation and minimal sulphur. Viticulture is organic (although not certified). The juicy elements of Tempranillo shine through with no dirty oak to mask the charm of this little natural wine giving phenomenal value. The winemaker, Gonzalo Gonzalo is a legend (and not just for his name) because he has proved that you can make a fantastic natural Tempranillo at an affordable price. The nose and flavours are an intoxicating combination of red and dark berries, faint lavender (or violets) and a slightly earthy edge. The herbaceous flavours gives the wine a slight green finish with a little spice, while the tannin and acidity cry out for some red meat.

The back label......

Gran Cerdo is a great wine dedicated to the bank executives that denied loans to us on the basis that wine is not a seizable asset. One day, these greasy and sweaty corporate suits will find that the best things in life cannot be impounded. Thanks to our friends help, we were finally able to bottle this wine. Now you can enjoy it with pasta or ham.

Gonzalo Gonzalo Grijalba was born in Logroño, Spain and grew up among the vineyards that his parents cultivated in Fuenmayor. After several years of training in various parts of the wine-making world, he returned to start his own project. Fiercely protective of the terroir of his family vineyards Gonzalo rejects market driven fashions, formulae, chemical treatments and conformism. Instead he has sought out his own methods with respect for the land, his vineyards, and the traditions of his forefathers. He balances this respect with formal training in the latest enological techniques and methods. His father's illness from years of working with chemical herbicides and pesticides was a major influence in his decision making. The soil itself suffered as well, losing its vitality as well as its ecosystem. Gonzalo has worked hard to restore the vitality of the vineyards, and has revived natural treatments and biodynamic practices to maintain healthy vineyards.


29Reviews For Gran Cerdo Tempranillo Gonzalo Grijalba 2019

  1. How good is this wine?


    I almost don't want to review it to keep the secret! It's wonderful!

  2. How good is this wine?


    This is a fantastic wine. It is full of flavour and incredibly good value.
    I feel it is set to become a staple in our house.

  3. How good is this wine?


    We hadn't tried organic wine before and I bought this as a gift for my husband. It was lovely and we will be ordering more soon. The delivery and packaging were excellent too.

  4. How good is this wine?


    A pig (on the front of the bottle) with money sticking out of its mouth. Symbolic and meaningful.
    This wine is cool for two reasons:
    1) It tastes great
    2) It states, on the label: ‘is a great wine dedicated to the bank executives that denied loans to us on the basis that wine is not a seizable asset. One day, these greasy and sweaty corporate suits will find that the best things in life cannot be impounded.’ A reference to the pig, clearly.
    A single finger up to the man. Not subtly, not even slightly.
    That’s enough for me to want to buy this wine. In fact, I want to go and work on this farm, pick grapes and stick labels on bottles and cork these myself. And for that, I’ll buy this again; that, and the fact that it just tastes so damn good.

  5. How good is this wine?


    This wine is simply in a category of its own..suitable for both summer or winter drinking it works well with almost every type of cuisine and has won plaudits from all whom I've shared it with.

  6. How good is this wine?


    This is the house red at Noble Rot, say no more. Expressive, easy to drink and fruit driven. Unfiltered, unfined and made with minimal sulphur. In short - a delight.

  7. How good is this wine?

    Paul 07/05/2020

    Very enjoyable. Great accompaniment to our regular Friday night pizzas.

  8. How good is this wine?


    I first discovered this wine at Woods in Dulverton where Paddy recommended it to accompany his home-bred Old Spot pork dishes. It's round smoothness was a delight, and I always choose it when I am back there.
    After much searching I found it was stocked at Buon Vino and have bought repeatedly from them.
    Very good value and always appreciated by dinner guests.

  9. How good is this wine?


    Just left a review without a star rating. Oops!

  10. How good is this wine?


    This great red wine with its cryptic label is always included in my Buon Vino orders! Originally recommended by Rob, its soft, round the mouth taste means it goes with most food and is very easy drinking for a very reasonable price.

  11. How good is this wine?

    Mitchell Hart17/04/2020

    It's been challenging to find such a unique bottle at this price point. Very impressed and will continue to stock up!

  12. How good is this wine?


    Well priced organic red wine - good for drinking with a variety of food

  13. How good is this wine?


    Now on our fifth case! Drank it first at Inver and become hooked. A pleasant wine with lots of flavour but not too heavy. Goes well with a range of foods. Very easy drinking!

  14. How good is this wine?


    This really opens up on decanting, having started out with the fruit core kind of missing and feeling a little tart. Once decanted it was, as other reviewers say, a deep-fruited, medium bodied beauty - and it has enough acidity and savoury black-olive interest to handle things like tomato-based ragu really well (I literally tested that pairing).

  15. How good is this wine?


    Now on our fifth case! Our standard dinner wine - good flavour, easy drinking!

  16. How good is this wine?


    Fantastic tasting and a natural wine, what’s not to love

  17. How good is this wine?


    Drank this first at the wonderful restaurant Inver in Argyll. We are now on our third dozen. A light and clean but complex tasting wine that goes well with many foods, Improves after opening and seems to have less after effects than some red wines. Will probably order a fourth dozen!

  18. How good is this wine?


    I bought a mixed case low/no sulphur wines and this was the first one tried. An excellent introduction. Flavour and character, purity and some structure. Good value.

  19. How good is this wine?


    Really enjoyed this one, a little fizzy at the start, balanced, good stuff

  20. How good is this wine?


    I was served this red in a restaurant in London and was delighted to find the supplier online.
    Great with food or on its own, I am a big fan of natural wines these days and this is one of my favourites.
    On my second purchase of 12 bottles at this point.


  21. How good is this wine?


    First tasted this wine at a restaurant. We are now on our second dozen. It is very easy to drink with a character of its own. It goes well with a range of food - it is fairly light and has no unpleasant aftertaste. Excellent value!

  22. How good is this wine?

    Alan B26/10/2017

    Easy drinking wine. Low sulphur wines can lack consistency but this never fails to satisfy.

  23. How good is this wine?


    As my title suggests, this wine was quite a surprise; from my little experience in the natural wine market, I find many natural wines lack some oomph. Maybe it's just my getting used to the uncluttered, unadulterated, simpler tastes of such wines. This wine, however, just blew me away. It was full of flavour, robust enough to hold its own against a 3-cereal potage with crispy butternut. Yet it was not too aggressive, as some conventional Spanish reds can be. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it.

  24. How good is this wine?


    Hard for me to find a good red to suit my taste but this is soft and great to drink by itself or with food. Will deffinately buy again.

  25. How good is this wine?


    This wine ticked all the boxes for me: vegan biodynamic low sulphur....maybe because of all those features it tastes like I imagine wine should taste(!) - I don't speak the language of wine experts but in my own words it's soft, deep, delicious, and no headache :-). Can't wait to try the others in the box.

  26. How good is this wine?

    John Walker15/06/2017

    Bought this on staff recommendation. Great value and loved the little story on the label. Well done Buon Vino.

  27. How good is this wine?

    Josh Bulpin08/09/2016

    Its delicious straight after opening, a little fizzy and bright. Then quite quickly it mellows and gets deeper and easier. I liked it. A lot.

  28. How good is this wine?

    Joanne P26/08/2016

    I like Spanish wine but would never class myself as an expert. Bought a bottle in my way to my holiday destination in the Lake District. Such an excellent find. Soft to taste, enjoyable with a variety of meals, and kept well, considers I am a slow drinker. Definitely buying again via mail order.

  29. How good is this wine?

    David W24/05/2016

    Amazing quality wine for this price and I'm a total convert to the low sulphur thing

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How good is this wine?