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Limoncello di Sorrento Cassano - Buon Vino Natural Wines

Limoncello di Sorrento Bepe Tosolini 70cl

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Additional Information

Producer Bepi Tosolini
Alcohol 28% abv
Country Italy Italian
One Line Description Limoncello di Sorrento Bepe Tosolini, traditional, naturally made Limoncello, well-balanced
Region Veneto, Italy


Why is Bepe Tosolini's Limoncello di Sorrento the best? Well like wines we sell, we find the best spirits are those made in the most natural way, not manipulated or adjusted for the mass market. Limoncello is traditionally made from Femminello St. Teresa lemons, which are also known as Sorrento lemons or Sfusato Lemons. They are are zested without the pith and steeped in neutral spirit which release the lemon’s oils and flavours. A simple sugar syrup is added to give it some sweetness. Each limoncello producer has their own particular method of production which produces a variety of different styles. Bepi Tosolini is all natural, made from lemons harvested from the Amalfi coast, considered to be the best area in Italy for lemons. The liquid is sweet but very well balanced with the bitterness of the natural lemon. The colour is cloudy and deep yellow, unlike the confected almost radioactive looking limoncello from the big producers. This is delicious!!
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