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Mackmyra Swedish Whiskies

Mackmyra Swedish Whisky Double Set - Svensk Ek and Svensk Rok

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Mackmyra Swedish Whisky Double Set, Svensk Ek Single Malt Whisky and Svensk Rok Smoked/Peated Whisky. Two fantastic whiskies from Mackmyra, the first Whisky producing distillery in Sweden, set up in 1999. The water they use is some of the purest found anywhere in the world, and the long daylight hours in summer produce barley with a sweetness that has become one of their trademark flavours. The use of Swedish over American oak (a much hardier wood due to the climate) lends a fiery, caramelised spice note to their whiskies. Several years later, they have gone from strength to strength and continue to experiment with new techniques and flavours to produce innovative and delicious whiskies, always with no additives, 100% Swedish ingredients and low impact on the environment.

The Svensk Ek (700ml) Single Malt has spicy dried ginger and sandalwood characteristics, along with a fruity undertone and hints of toffee. Matured in Bourbon barrels and Swedish oak barrels. Svensk Rok Swedish Peated Single Malt Whisky (500ml), smoky, hints of juniper, slightly spicy, intriguing and complex whisky. Inspired by the Swedish tradition of preserving food by smoking over fervid juniper twigs, the malt is smoked in the same way to give an unusual twist on the classic peated style of Malt Whisky.

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