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Mamont Siberian Vodka

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Additional Information

Producer Mamont
Alcohol Vodka
Country Siberia Siberian
One Line Description Quality Vodka from Siberia, in an elegant Mammoth's Tusk shaped bottle
Production Detail Local natural ingredients and control at each production stage are the key values of the exceptional quality of Mamont Vodka.


Siberia's most elegant vodka, presented in this stunning Mammoth Tusk shaped bottle. Produced in the country's oldest distillery. 6 times distilled and filtered through Silver Birch Charcoal, made with white winter wheat and Altai Mountain spring water. Ideally served chilled alongside salty, savoury foods such as traditional pickled vegetables or caviar.

The Itkul Distillery is Siberia’s oldest distillery, founded in 1868 at the River Itkul, Altai Region. Konstantin Platonov, a wealthy Russian scientist from St. Petersburg, founded the distillery together with Gregoriy Badyn, a merchant of the second guild. Today, the Itkul Distillery is the only distillery in the whole of Russia to produce alcohol from pure malt.

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