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Natural Wine

Understanding our category!

Natural wine!! Even the term might have some wine lovers running for the hills. It is a term that does cause controversy and its use is fraught with danger as there is no real definition and the grey areas are numerous.

At Buon Vino, Natural Wine has a few prerequisites, organic viticulture, indigenous or ‘wild’ yeast – not from a packet - , no serious intervention in the wine making, temperature control is fine but adding acid or sucking out water isn’t, a minimum of fining or filtration if any and a minimum of sulphur to preserve the wines.

The grey areas are numerous so how do we decide if a wine gets in the category or not? Well, quite simply, it has to taste natural, we have to like it and it has to adhere to the above or near as damn it.

Recently we have an idea to try and expand on our and the customer's understanding of natural wine. We are developing a natural wine scale which will help to clarify and quantify how natural the bottle of wine you are buying actually is. We are coming up with a set of criteria which will give each wine a score for naturalness. We hope this will enable customers to understand their selection of wine better and maybe help guide choices.

Natural wine is a complicated term which means different things to different people. For us, it is in the end about finding and selling quality wine which people can enjoy. We want to enable our customers to drink safely in the knowledge that the people who produce their wine are doing so in as natural and sustainable way possible for consumers and the environment.

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