Buon Vino in Snow

Our shop at The Courtyard Dairy is open every day from Wed 14th until Christmas from 10am, closing 3pm on Christmas Eve.

We are open in the shop from Wed 28th - New Years Eve, closing at 3pm. We will then re-open on Thursday 5th January.

We have all sorts of lovely Christmas wines open to taste including, Port, Banyuls, Sherry, Dessert Wine, Reds, Whites, Orange and more.

Three great tips for Xmas day below!

Wine no 1 - Epineuil Pinot Noir Beru 2018 - £39.00 - 10% off - £35.10

The town of Epineuil lies just north of Tonnere, actually not that far from the southern tip of the Champagne region. This is pretty far north for Pinot Noir so the wines tend to have a crunch to them, rather than the soft generosity of the Cote d'Or further south. But on tasting the 2018 Epineuil from Athenais, we get rich dark fruits, texture and intensity. The vintage was very warm and made for intensity in reds and whites, the Epineuil benefits from extra degree of ripeness. This is simply beautiful red wine, drinking at its best and perfect for Christmas Turkey and other festive flavours.

Wine no 2 - Dole Pinot Noir/Gamay Chappaz 2021 - £45.00 5% off - £42.75

Dole Chappaz

Dole is the traditional red for Sunday roast in the Canton du Valais. It is a lovely soft easy red wine made from Gamay and Pinot Noir. In the hands of Marie-Therese, it becomes a more serious wine with the capacity to age and a finesse and cool precision rarely achieved in the region.

Aromas of Morello cherry, gooseberry, almonds and sweet spices characterise the nose. The elegant palate is both silky and firm. The finish is complex and leaves you thinking and wondering how the wine would develop after some bottle age.  It pairs well with any roast meat but best with white meats and stews made with rabbit, chicken or veal.  With Turkey or Goose, it would be superb.

Wine no 3 - Le Jardin Merlot Domain Milan 2018 - £57.00 - 5% off £54.15

Le Jardin Merlot

The soils in Le Jardin vineyard are clay with limestone screes on a subsoil of blue marls.  It is same soil type as in Pomerol. This cuvée is called by some people, ‘Provencal Petrus’ thanks to the nature of the soils and the grape variety used. Le Jardin Merlot is classy wine. When Henri Milan makes wine, he really does just let nature take its course. The man is slow, methodical and very, very relaxed, his wines are precise and expressive, quite a contrast. The 2018 Jardin is superb. Rich in colour as well as complexity, with an essence of truffle, dark chocolate and cherries. The tannins are silky and ripe and the finish long. It would make for a superb glass with Christmas dinner with pretty much anything.