Easter Case Natural Wines

A natural wine box for your Easter weekend drinking.  A selection of superb wines for some excellent food and wine pairings over the Easter weekend.

Taste all 4 wines in shop on Good Friday and Easter Saturday!


Davenport Estate Sparkling Wine 2018

The new vintage of this delicious Champagne style sparkling wine is one of the best ever.  This is not surprising, the 2018 vintage in the UK was warm and generous with lots of healthy, ripe fruit, both red and white.  The blend of 63% Chardonnay, 19% Pinot Noir and 18% Pinot Meunier was aged for five years on the lees, (a similar time to many Grand Cru or Vintage Champagne) and has developed a lovely toasty, autolytic character alongside brisk, fresh citrus and green apple notes on a zingy finish.  The style makes for a perfect aperitif or with some seafood as a starter for your Easter dinner.


Roc’h Avel Terre de L’Elu 2020

The wine maker at Terre de L’Elu Thomas Carsin is a master at capturing the richness and depth of his terroir in the Anjou region of the central Loire.  This stunning white wine is a blend mainly of Chenin Blanc and some old vines of Sauvignon on schist soils.  The wine is maturing beautifully and is soft, round, full bodied with notes of golden honey, Quince, waxy lemon and soft apple.  It is an ideal white wine accompaniment for pretty much any roast meat or rich fish dishes.


Chianti Classico Montesecondo 2021

Silvio Messana, now in his mid 60s is still one of the coolest Italian wine makers you can meet.  His wines are like him, sophisticated, elegant and subtle.  Chianti has a reputation for body and abrasive flavours and muscular structure.  Silvio doesn’t make wine like that.  His 2021 Chianti from naturally farmed Sangiovese is delightfully restrained, with the softest of tannins, and most elegant of red fruits.  The terroir comes through in an underlying subtle earthy, herbal note.  A fantastic pairing with some Spring Lamb.  The wine wants to be left in decanter for several hours to open up before serving.


Recioto della Valpolicella Pier Paolo Antolini 2020

The 100% Easter wine is the Recioto.  Not many wines go with chocolate but if you are the type of wine drinker who  ends up eating half your children’s chocolate eggs after Easter lunch and want some delicious wine to go with it, then this is the bottle for you.  Think black forest gateau wine and you get the idea, rich, dark, and sweet but in no way flabby.  The perfect end to our Easter box and your Easter lunch.  Oh and by the way, Pier Paolo Antolini’s Recioto is a cut above the norm, it tastes like liquid black gold.