Gut Oggau’s ‘Winifred’ is Back in Stock!

Gut Oggau is a unique, biodynamic winery located in the Burgenland region of Austria, near the Neusiedlersee Lane. It is run by Stephanie and Eduard Tscheppe, who restored the 17th century vineyards that were abandoned for nearly 20 years. They converted the vineyard into a fully functioning biodynamic farm of roughly 14 hectares in 2007.

The tale of the winery intertwines with a narrative of love between the couple and their consideration of their journey into winemaking as a matter of fate. Sustainability is a cornerstone of their ethos, however, it’s equally apparent that love and energy are fundamental components, too. 

Their primary goal was not to alter the vineyard, but instead to allow its innate potential to be unveiled. From the onset their philosophy was to work harmoniously with nature. Even from their first vintage, they were amazed how each wine appeared to be a living entity, each barrel with its own distinct persona, making the inception of the Gut Oggau family. 

The Gut Oggau family consists of several generations; there are adolescents, adults and grandparents. As with many families, there are big personalities and scandals within. The family represents the relationship between the wines and each character represents the individual expressions and complexity of each wine.

The younger generation are cultivated on gravel soils, infusing a more vibrant and youthful character into the wine. The elder generation hails from vines planted on a blend of limestone and slate soils on the hillsides overlooking the village, lending a seasoned and sophisticated personality to the wines. Fermentation is facilitated spontaneously with indigenous yeast, and the ageing process is carried out in used oak barrels. None of these wines are fined or filtered.

As a younger member, Winifred is full of life, charm and vibrancy. She lights up the room and captures the attention of everyone around her with a charismatic energy. Cheeky and enchanting, with a mischievous sense of humour, she’s a sociable, friendly type. Yet beneath all of this, she can also be a little shy in the first instance and can need a little time and coaxing, for that touch of earnest sincerity to be revealed.

And, most importantly, she’s back in stock!

Winifred is a rosé blend of Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch. Known for its bright, lively colour; typically a deep pink, with vibrant acidity. On the nose, the wine offers aromas of red berries, flowers, and a hint of spice. On the palate, it is fruit-forward and fresh, with a depth of flavour that unfolds with each sip. It's unfiltered with no added sulphites, and is a stunning wine that reflects Gut Oggau's dedication to natural, biodynamic farming and winemaking.