Highlights from Pop Up No 2!

Last Friday, myself (Aimee), Rob & the ever-amazing Thomas McManus hosted Buon Vino’s second, sold-out pop-up!

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The evening was based on an introduction to food and wine pairing- exploring several of the most fundamental considerations, key to getting this right every time!

It went something like this….

Bright, high-acid, seabass ceviche, with super-flavoursome leek and fennel oils and summery veg. Paired with a similarly high-acid, linear, very-dry German Riesling. We also provided a lovely southern Italian white that instilled the idea of eating seafood in the sun, but simply didn’t have the acid to hold up against the dish, to demonstrate the importance of really getting this factor right!

Find the Weingut Knauss 'Schnait', here!

Find the Cataldo Calabetta 'Ansonica', here

Looking at umami, oysters were served wrapped in cucumber marinated in house made tamari. Tom experimented and succeeded with a rye loaf made from kombu broth and cultured butter, for the purposes of spreading the butter and also the oyster across the bread. The accompanying wine was a Spanish Xarel-lo with similarly leesy, yeasty notes, but also a bright, fruitiness to offset the savouriness within the dish, with a bit of saline minerality to top it all off!

Find the Celler Credo 'Miranius', here

Next up, we moved to fat- specifically the relationship between fat and tannin in wine. Tom prepared some super-unctuous sausages with the kind of fat content that just brings happiness to life and paired alongside was a bright, fresh, grippy Barbera blend from Emilia-Romagna.

Find La Stoppa 'Trebbiolo', here

We’re all aware that the spicier the food, the less compatible it becomes with wine, but these ravioli had just the right amount of rich nduja heat and lots of delicious lobster. The pairing was based on adding richness to off-set the spice, in the form of a Pinot Gris with Alsace, also a great combination with the luxuriousness of the lobster.

Find the Josmeyer 'Fromenteau', here

Dessert involved many considerable risks that all actually paid off to amount to something really special. But, of which we unfortunately have absolutely zero photographic evidence… 

It began about a month ago when peaches were preserved in fig leaf syrup. With the jar kept tightly shut until the day, both the integrity of the fruit and the strength of flavour were technically unknown. But, they were incredibly perfect, with loads of that coconut-vanilla flavour running through that fig leaf provides. A gorgeous black cherry granita and concentrated milk ice cream were served alongside. Notably both transported without a freezer and somehow held on perfectly, for the entirety of service in tightly packed coolboxes!

Along with a gorgeous Moscato d’Asti, which offered the right flavour profile and sugar levels, we also served another sparkling wine alongside, to demonstrate what happens when there simply isn’t enough sweetness in the wine, despite the wine itself being high quality!

Find the Bera Moscato d'Asti, here

Find the Chateau Le Roc 'Roc Amble', here

Do stay tuned for our next event- coming soon!