Alain Castex

Wine no 1 in the TDF Case - La Poudre d'Escampette Vins de Cabanon Alain Castex 2021 - As drunk in the bars of Copenhagen!

The Tour starts in Copenhagen, Denmark. We have selected the Poudre d’Escampette red from natural wine producing icon, Alain Castex for the start of the race. But why you ask, Castex wine is from the Roussillon in France and surely there are no vines in Copenhagen?

Well, you are right, no vines in chilly, flat Denmark as far as we know but the city probably ranks as the no 1 destination for natural wine in Europe.  There are loads in London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, etc but in terms of sheer concentration of natural wine bars and restaurants (and in quite a small city) and range of different wines and producers, Copenhagen is top.

So how did this happen.  Well like most things food and wine in the city, it can be traced back to its most famous restaurant, Noma.  When Noma opened, the then head sommelier, Pontus Elofsson, realised natural wine was the perfect match for the amazing food being created by René Redzepi —food that used sustainable, natural, organic ingredients, food that was beautiful in its authenticity and purity, basically food based on the same principles as natural wine:  Like Natural wine, Noma was created with the intention of highlighting the brilliance of nature, rather than masking it.  At the time, Sune Rosforth, was the only natural wine importer in Copenhagen, they became Noma’s main supplier and the rest is history.  Soon after everyone else followed suit. 

Oh, so why Castex wine?  Well, Castex was one of the first is also one of the best.  You are likely to find his wines in Noma and pretty much every other natty wine place in the city, (if they can get it, as there ain’t much). 

So, there you go, if you love natural wine and you love Cycling then go to Denmark at the start of July, it will be ace!  Take a credit card with a large limit though, a couple of days having fun in this town will cost a bob or two!

La Poudre d’Escampette