Our Next Mixed Case – Le Tour de France Femmes – 6 bottles

Tour de France Femme

The Tour de France Femmes Mixed Case

Professional cycling has always been a testosterone fuelled male dominated sport.    However, the top ladies are just as tough, just as talented, and just as incredible athletes.  Sadly, as with some other sports, woman’s cycling operates in the shadow of the men.  But quietly in the background, it has been growing in popularity and level and now after many years without it, the TOUR DE FRANCE FEMMES is back.

There have been aborted attempts to revive the event since it started in the 80s.  The single day La Course event has been held in conjunction with the Tour de France, taking place as a one-day race on the Champs-Élysées in advance of the final stage of the men's race.  It was won in 2020 by Yorkshire’s own Lizzie Deignan, who is also a former World Champion for Great Britain.

Lizzie, who is on a break from her professional career to have her second baby has been very vocal about the lack of a female equivalent to the Tour de France.  Like men’s racing, woman’s cycling is a business and must be an attractive commercial proposition for sponsors to exist.  It is only in the last few years -with the help of social media – that woman’s racing has become a more attractive opportunity for sponsorship.  With that has come the better organisation of teams, races, and a higher level of racing.  Finally female pro racers are now actually been paid something.  Lizzie’s first ever pro contract was only 200 euros a month and she is one of the world’s best!  Now all new female pros make at least minimum wage but when you consider the sacrifices they make to compete in the world’s toughest sport, this is a tiny sum of money.  Compare it to the Tennis players.

However, despite the existing problems, woman’s racing is on the up.  The top riders are now well known and are creating a narrative for the sport which fans can follow.  It does still need the big riders like Lizzie to speak out about the inequalities in the sport. Thankfully, she and others are doing so.

The Tour de France Femmes will take place over 8 stages starting in Paris on Sun 24th July, the last day of the men’s race.  It covers 1033 kms based around the northeast of France with a summit finish in the Vosges mountains on the last day to decide the race.

It promises to be a spectacular event and so we thought that we would make up a fantastic case of wine to go with the women’s race like we did for the men’s. So here we have our Le Tour Femmes Case - 6 Bottles.

Of course, all the wines come from amazing female wine makers from France. Like bike racing, more and more woman are becoming wine makers and showing the men how to do it. Not all the wines are exactly on the route as it is based in north-east France but they are not too far off.

The wines

2 x Mise du Printemps Pinot Blanc Josmeyer 2021 - Celine and Isabelle Meyer, Alsace

1x Bourgogne Aligote Beru 2019 - Athenais de Beru, Chablis

2 x Minervois Les Traverses Courbissac 2020 - Brunhilde Claux, Languedoc

1 x Rose de Provence Vent dans les Voiles 2020 - Valerie Courreges, Provence

Le Tour Femmes