RECIPE NO 2. By Thomas McManus- New season asparagus with yeast sauce & parsley- SPRING FOOD & WINE PAIRING CASE

For the month of June, we have put together a varied mixed case of delicious wines, that are perfect for the season and the ideal complement to an array of quintessential spring ingredients. To see the case, click here, and to read more information about spring food and wine pairing generally, see our previous blog post here.

To accompany the mixed case, some great chefs will be sharing their recipes, using some excellent seasonal produce.

Recipe no. 2 is here and is provided by the wonderful Thomas McManus of the amazing Anello, in Slaithwaite.

🔸Recipe no. 2 New season Asparagus with Yeast Sauce and Parsley

Try with not one, but two wines from our mixed case:
🔹 Arndorfer 'Handcrafted' Gruner Veltliner, from Kamptal, in Austria. The perfect wine for this time of year; with the grape's particular ability to glide over the grassy bitter notes within asparagus. Viscous enough for the mouth-coating yeast sauce and light and bright enough to provide freshness
🔹Franz Weniger 'Rosa Petsovits' a lovely Syrah, Zweigelt, PN blend from Hungary. Rich, but sour berry and fruit notes that again provide freshness, while rose wines generally are often great at working to soften bitter greens.

- A block of fresh yeast
- water
- Dijon mustard
- Salt
- rapeseed oil
- extra virgin olive oil
- 3 cloves of garlic
- asparagus

🔸Prepare the yeast:
- Turn oven to 200°C
- Crumble fresh yeast into baking tray
- Bake for 30 mins until yeast is no longer bubbling and has begun to caramelise
- Decant and refrigerate until cold (around 2 hours)
- Once cooled, add 200g of water and, using a food processor, blend until it has the consistency of single cream
- Add 2 tablespoons of dijon mustard and a large pinch of salt
- Turn on the food processor again, and while it's blending add a 50/50 mix of neutral rapeseed oil and extra virgin olive oil until the mixture begins to thicken to double cream consistency. Adjust seasoning.

- Finely grate 3 cloves of garlic into oil and mix
- Preheat frying pan until very hot
- Add garlic oil and use to fry asparagus- cook at a high temperature, blistering the skin, approx 4 minutes, depending on asparagus thickness.

- Spread yeast sauce on the bottom of a plate, place asparagus on top, shower with freshly picked parsley