For the month of June, we have put together a varied mixed case of delicious wines, that are perfect for the season and the ideal complement to an array of quintessential spring ingredients. To see the case, click here and to read more information about spring food and wine pairing generally, see our previous blog post here.

To accompany the mixed case, a couple of great chefs will be sharing their recipes, using some excellent seasonal produce.

🔹Recipe no. 3 is here; and it's the return of the wonderful Thomas McManus of the amazing Anello, in Slaithwaite.

🔸Braised Lamb with BBQ leeks and Seasoned Yogurt🔸

Try with the following from this month's mixed case:

🍇2021 Ampeleia ‘Un Litro Rosso’, Tuscany, Italy (1 LITRE)

A whole litre of this gorgeous Mediterranean blend; featuring Alicante, Carignano, Mourvèdre & Sangiovese

Super-fresh, with notes of black olive, red fruits and Mediterranean herbs. Expect a crunchy, energising palate and bright acidity.

With respect to pairing, the wine has enough body and tannin to match the fat within the meat, without overpowering it's relatively delicate flavour. The slight savouriness to the profile of the wine will work well with bitter mixed leaves and garlic, while the bright fruit will provide contrast against the rich flavour of barbecued leeks.


- Bone-in lamb shoulder

- Chicken stock

- Rosemary

- Carrots

- Onion

- Celery

- Garlic

- Leeks

- Mixed salad leaves

- Yoghurt

- Mint

- Salt

- Pepper

- Oil

🔸Lamb Preparation

Preheat your oven to 140°C.

Take a large pan and heat well. Cover the meat with salt, pepper and rub with oil. Sear the lamb well on all sides to create a nice, caramelised crust.

Place the lamb in a deep roasting tray, pour over chicken stock until half full/ covered.

Add rosemary, carrots, onion, celery and garlic. It's not necessary to chop these vegetables, simply split them in half to allow the flavour to be released.

Roast the lamb for around 4 hours until tender. With a probe the bone should be sitting around 65-70°c. Do not worry if it's higher, it will still be tender and delicious. Allow the lamb to cool slightly them remove the bones gently with a twist and pull.

🔸Leek Preparation

Whilst the oven is preheating it is time to barbecue the leeks. This can be achieved by cooking on a very hot barbecue until the outer layer of the leeks are completely blackened and you can feel the leek inside has become tender. Allow to cool until it can be handled and then strip the outer layer off of the leeks.

🔸Yoghurt Preparation

Simply mix yoghurt with salt, minced garlic and mint, to taste.


Carve your lamb

Spread yogurt on the base of a plate, place your lamb on top.

Slice and scatter your leeks, mix with salad and place on top.

Spoon a few spoons warm cooking liquor over the meat and enjoy.